Cera: Drivers’ station needed

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Jack Cera, D-Bellaire, has again notified the director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety that Jefferson County has not had a drivers’ exam station for almost two years.

Cera said he is disappointed the Kasich administration has overlooked the importance of such a facility for the people of Jefferson County.

“Once again, I feel like the Kasich administration is taking Eastern Ohio for granted. We are being ignored when it comes to maintaining this service in our area. Access to these services is crucial to the people of Jefferson County,” said Cera.

According to Cera, his office has contacted the ODPS to inquire and remind that agency during the past two years it has been demonstarted there is a genuine need for a facility because patrons have to travel to neighboring counties to conduct business.

In a recent letter to the director of ODPS Cera wrote, “My office has even shared information with your department about real estate agents who could provide assistance in locating the perfect spot to house the station. However, this offer of assistance was never accepted.”

Cera’s recent correspondence urged the state agency to get a plan in motion for phasing in a new location.

The letter also requested a time frame from that director for the opening. Cera has offered to bring local officials and ODPS officials together in the hope of speeding up the process.

“I feel enough time has elapsed.way too much time. This community deserves the same respect and attention as other counties,” added Cera.