Wells trustees hear of surplus

BRILLIANT – Wells Township had a surplus of funds totaling $76,746.56 at the end of 2013, according to a report given by Fiscal Officer Joseph Matthews during a recent trustees’ meeting.

Matthews said 2013 receipts amounted to $1,846,497.52, including Issue 2 project receipts of $74,780.03 which was spent on Plum Run Road. Total expenditures were $1,769,750.96.

The fiscal officer commended all departments for staying on budget last year.

Police Chief John Ingram reported 2,908 calls last year, with 59,030 miles put on the cruisers. In addition, officers issued 362 traffic warnings, 363 traffic tickets, 469 security checks, 99 assists for the fire department, 78 warrant served, 163 public assists and 180 assists with other law enforcement agencies.

Trustee Joe Ellis reported he attended a Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission meeting where it was reported the bald eagle has left the hillside north of Brilliant where the state Route 7 landslide repair project is ongoing.

Information is being gathered about a new truck to replace the 1986 Ford dump truck and one of the plow trucks, according to Road Superintendent John Keyoski. He added it is possible one vehicle can be configured to replace two.

Keyoski also said Ohio American Energy is not mining in the Riddles Run Road area but is still using the road to transport coal from another mine.

Trustee John Goosman said a meeting is planned with Columbia Gas about the upcoming line project. Pavement repair will be included in the project.

Goosman also reported applications that have been turned in will be screened to develop a pool of part-time workers who can be called upon if the need arises.

The owner of a house on New Alexandria Road told trustees that his house is adjacent to an abandoned, dilapidated house, and because of the condition of the adjacent house, his insurance company issued a cancellation notice. He asked trustees for help in getting the adjacent house condemned and removed.

Goosman said trustees would look into that problem.