Toronto sees drop in revenues

TORONTO – City finances were discussed during Monday’s City Council meeting.

Second Ward Councilman Dorothy Blaner, chairman of the finance committee, said the city was seeing slightly less income for 2014 than had been anticipated.

“It was a surprise the (Regional Income Tax Authority-collected) income wasn’t as much as we thought, but we understand there have been some layoffs recently,” she said.

Blaner said the issue was discussed during the committee’s Feb. 19 meeting.

Also discussed was the city’s expenditure of $50,000 for salt for roads due to the inclement weather, overtime pay for employees to plow city streets and other weather-related, unexpected expenses.

Council approved a request to host a public hearing on the 2014 city’s budget. That hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. March 10 in council chambers.

Blaner said council members would be presented with a revised budget prior to the public meeting.

Also during the meeting, Fire Chief Frank McEwen announced firefighter Ryan Boyd had met all requirements to become a state fire inspector. Council members congratulated Boyd on the accomplishment.