Member resigns from Buckeye school board

DILLONVALE Members of the Buckeye Local Board of Education received a surprise when they sat down for Monday’s meeting – they learned that board President James Cesario had submitted his resignation from the board.

Superintendent Mark Miller told board members he had received Cesario’s written resignation from the post he had been elected to in November around noon Monday.

Cesario, who had been elected board president during January’s organizational meeting, wrote in his letter of resignation that he did not think he would be able to devote sufficient time to the post while continuing to pursue his college degree.

” … It has recently been brought to my attention that I will be unable to complete my collegiate degree at my current academic institution of study, requiring me to transfer my living arrangements outside the Buckeye Local School District,” Cesario stated in his letter, adding that according to board by-laws, such a move would cause him to be removed from the board.

“I do not feel that prolonging my academic goals would be in my best interest or holding a seat in which I would not be able to fulfill my duties because of my current academic goals would be in the best interest of the school district. I wish the best of luck to the Buckeye Local School District …,” the letter, which was not read into the record at the meeting, concluded.

Board members were openly divided on whether they should accept Cesario’s resignation from the board. Naoma Kolkedy and Brad McFarland voted to accept the resignation, while and Joe Zelek and Dirk Pielech voted not to accept.

Miller reminded board members their vote would not impact Cesario’s standing because he had already submitted the resignation and had made it effective immediately.

The resignation left the school board with four voting members, which resulted in deadlocked votes on several items that were discussed during the four-hour session. Among the first issues that could not be resolved was the new make-up of the board.

Vice President Kolkedy was installed as president, but the board was not able to select a vice president. Zelek nominated Pielech for the position, while Kolkedy nominated McFarland.

Applications to fill the seat can be sent to Miller’s attention at the district’s administrative offices in Dillonvale.