Diesel spill reported in Colliers

COLLIERS – Brooke County officials were called to a diesel fuel spill at the Inland Industrial Services Group facility on Harmon Creek after a neighbor complained the fuel had spread to their yard Saturday afternoon.

Bob Fowler, Brooke County emergency management director, confirmed there were puddles of the fuel in the neighbor’s yard, which has a play set used by children.

Fowler said the spill occurred when the hydraulic line of a truck blew, releasing fuel from a cylinder that holds 20 to 30 gallons.

He said a small amount of fuel is believed to have spilled into nearby Harmon Creek. He added an official with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is expected to visit the site early today.

Fowler said crews with Inland Industrial Services cleaned up the spill.

Based at the former Colliers Banquet Hall, the business provides industrial cleaning services to various businesses, including local steel mills.

Fowler said because hazardous material was involved, the Colliers Fire Department was called as a precaution.