Columbia Gas explains 2014 project

STEUBENVILLE -Columbia Gas of Ohio crews will return to the city next month to start working on replacing aging gas lines in three neighborhoods.

Mike Schwieterman, a construction manager with Columbia Gas, said Tuesday the work this year is an ongoing project that will see the current cast iron gas lines replaced with plastic pipe.

“We are also converting our natural gas delivery system from low pressure to medium pressure. That will help industries and business who want that high gas pressure delivery. Companies that are expanding their businesses and economic development opportunities are ideal for the medium pressure. Homeowners will still receive the low-pressure delivery but will have the option for the medium pressure if they need it,” explained Schwieterman.

“Our goal during the project is to directionally bore. But before we bore we want to know where all of the other utilities are located. We also do camera inspection of the sewers to make sure we don’t damage them. Residents will also see us doing some survey work. We will also videotape the entire project. Columbia Gas is 100 percent responsible for any problems we cause,” continued Schwieterman.

“We will directional bore as much as possible but customers may still see some digging. Most gas meters are inside of the house basements, so we will need to determine where in the basement the current meter is located so we can determine where to place the new meter outside. We will make an appointment at each house so we can make that conversion,” Schwieterman added.

He said the tentative starting date is March 1 and Columbia Gas plans to do the Sunset Boulevard and adjacent streets first.

“We have been working with City Engineer Mike Dolak and we know there are some streets in that neighborhood scheduled for resurfacing this year. We want to get in there first so if we have to dig up any streets we will be done before the paving contractors starts working,” noted Schwieterman.

Schwieterman said the project is set to be completed by Thanksgiving.