CAC commits to quality of life

STEUBENVILLE – The Jefferson County Community Action Council trustees on Wednesday renewed the agency’s mission statement that calls for it to continue a commitment to restore and revitalize the quality of life in Jefferson County and move the residents toward self sufficiency.

The board reviewed the mission statement and agreed they will, “achieve this goal by adapting and providing programs that are accessible, affordable and culturally sensitive to meet the needs of the community.”

CAC Chief Executive Officer Barb West also asked the trustees to review the current by-laws written and adopted in 2007.

And the board approved a delegated line of succession that states if the chief executive officer is absent, the succession will move to the operations manager, then the chief financial officer followed by the board of trustees president and the trustees vice president.

West told the trustees she and several trustees met with the Steubenville Revitalization Group to discuss parking issues on North Fourth Street.

“We addressed the parking issues but I told the SRG we don’t monitor employee parking,” said West.

Trustee Delores Wiggins said she told the SRG visitors to local businesses and the CAC offices may use the North Fourth Street parking spaces.

In other business, Jefferson County Commissioner Thomas Graham invited the CAC officials and trustees to visit the Towers in the near future.

“We are looking for tenants and you may be able to save rent money in the future,” said Graham.

The CAC accepted $2,000 for the rebranding of the former one stop centers now known as Ohio Means Jobs centers.

And West said the CAC has applied for a $19,000 allocation from the United Way of Jefferson County.

West also announced the the 50th anniversary of the Economic Opportunity Act and the War on Poverty is now being observed.

“The Home Energy Assistance Program will officially end March 31 and I can report we served 1,956 households since Nov. 1,” she said.

“Because of the winter weather we have had this year we have seen more requests for fuel oil and assistance with electric disconnect notices. We are seeing some people running out of fuel oil,” said West.