Brooke students part of Math Field Day event

WHEELING – Students from throughout Brooke County will be competing against others from the Northern Panhandle on Saturday testing their ability to quickly and accurately solve math problems.

The event will begin at 8 a.m. at Wheeling Park High School and test the math skills of pupils in grades fourth through ninth through four segments:

– Mental exact, which requires students to provide, without the aid of a calculator, pen or pencil, the exact answer to a math problem given orally.

– Mental estimation, which requires the same mental work but because of the difficulty of the problems posed, the students’ answer may be within 10 percent above or below the correct answer.

– The estimation room, where students estimate the length, volume, weight, capacity and number of a variety of every-day items.

– A 40-question written examination.

Students in grades 10th through 12th will compete in a written test.

Winners of the regional event will go on to state competition to be held April 26 at Bethany College.

The Brooke County students are advancing to the regional event after competing at a county competition held Feb. 8 at Follansbee Middle School.

Winners at the county level were:

– Fourth grade: Eddie Marks of Franklin Primary School, first place; Loghan White of Hooverson Heights Primary School, second; Brody McAllister and Jacob Donley, both of Wellsburg Primary School, third and fourth, respectively.

Shaylee Groves of Millsop Primary School and Maria Elliot of Beech Bottom Primary School are first and second alternates.

– Fifth grade: Ethan Robey and Clyde Vanderpool, both of Wellsburg Middle, first and second, respectively; Alana Scott and Dalton Anderson, both of Follansbee Middle, third and fourth, respectively.

Shawn Younciak of Follansbee Middle School and Stephen Hunter of Wellsburg Middle School are first and second alternates.

– Sixth grade: Riley McAllister, Max Camilletti, Johnny Bober and Gabe Dobbs, all of Wellsburg Middle School, who placed first, second, third and fourth, respectively.

Sarah Moore of Wellsburg Middle School and Noah Horvath of Follansbee Middle are first and second alternates.

– Seventh grade: Emily Donley and Michaela Mahan, both of Wellsburg Middle, first and second, respectively; Connor Combs of Follansbee Middle, third; and Aleksey Rasz of Wellsburg Middle, fourth.

Alexis DiPaolo of Follansbee Middle School and Kaitlynne Seminsky of Wellsburg Middle are first and second alternates.

– Eighth grade: Colin Heilman, Mason Zopp, Colby Merrill and Johnna Jones, all of Follansbee Middle, first, second, third and fourth, respectively.

Kylie Byers of Follansbee Middle and Michael Spitak of Wellsburg Middle are first and second alternates.

Ninth grade: Rhiannon Macom, first place; Koty Hudson, second place; Gavin Browne, third place; and Emily Bernardini, fourth place.

Grades 10th-12th: Paraag Gupta, first; Dalton Minger, second; Jakob Heilman, third; James Harrick, fourth; Morgan Zopp, fifth; Devon Ansell, sixth; Antonio Pizzuti, seventh; Jessie Wayne, eighth; Chris Beaman, ninth; and Cassidy Bland.

Abbi Yachini is first alternate.

Dana Durbin, one of many Brooke County math teachers who serve as coaches for the pupils, said while judges are tabulating the results, all participants in grades fourth through eighth will participate in a friendly competition between the participating counties.

The competition involves the first participant from each county being given a paper with a math problem to solve. That pupil silently passes his or her answer on to the next pupil and that pupil to another so the team’s final answer depends on every team member correctly solving his or her problem. a