5th Ward’s Paul wants to discuss snow control

STEUBENVILLE – Fifth Ward Councilman Willie Paul has asked the council service committee to discuss a former city law prohibiting vehicles from parked on the street during a snow event.

Paul made his request for a service committee meeting Tuesday night during a council sunshine meeting.

“The ordinance requiring residents to park their vehicles in a garage or driveway was passed in 2003. The law was then repealed in 2006. I would like the service committee to discuss the reasons why that law was repealed and if we can visit that issue again,” Paul explained.

“I saw where Shadyside recently announced a snow emergency to allow their plows to clean the city streets. That may be something to look at. I just want to have a discussion,” Paul noted.

In other business during the meeting, 4th Ward Councilwoman Angela Suggs introduced an ordinance from the planning committee declaring several buildings as unsafe structures and a public nuisance.

Council has been asked to consider legislation authorizing the advertisement for bids for the demolition of properties at 322-324 S. Commercial Alley; 1373 Tweed Ave.; 630 Rear Lincoln Ave.; 351 Summit Ave.; 251 N. Ninth St.; 836 Lincoln Ave.; 625 Adams St.; 1225 State St.; 16 Capitol Ave.; 21 Capitol Ave.; 31 Capitol Ave.; 1036 McNeal Ave.; 998 Franklin Ave.; 327-329 S. Fifth St.; 503 S. Fourth St.; 248 S. Sixth St.; and 700 Pine St.

The demolitions will be paid for with Community Development Block Grant funds.

Suggs also proposed an ordinance that will authorize using CDBG funds for repaving of Woodlawn Road from Ridge Avenue to Oregon Avenue.

Council is set to meet at 5 p.m. Thursday in the City Hall Pugliese Conference Room to discuss goal setting with City Manager Tim Boland.