Toronto council talks about salt

TORONTO – Several pending issues were discussed during Monday’s City Council meeting.

Mayor John Geddis told council members the city weathered the recent snowstorm well, despite the cold temperatures and one salt truck being disabled.

“We’ve had to replace hydraulics for one of our (plow) trucks,” said the mayor, adding the city’s other plow truck also was in the shop. “We had two most of the time.

“We also (obtained) three more tons of salt,” continued Geddis, adding the city was prepared for more inclement weather and had 80 to 90 tons of salt stockpiled. “These freezing temperatures have caused havoc.”

He also said both snowplows should be functioning by Wednesday, and no significant snow is expected before then.

Geddis also said the city’s water line replacement project has come to a halt until warmer temperatures. Several councilmen commended the city crews for their efforts in plowing city streets.

In other matters:

– The city will continue its demolition of derelict structures through 2014, according the mayor, who added he has his sights on several residences and the structure that housed the former Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“That building has been vacant for several years,” said Geddis.

Council voted to give the mayor permission to proceed with the process to demolish a vacant former residence at 1001 Railroad St.

Geddis said the demolition of the former Blue Danube tavern also has been halted by the weather, but, “That will come down.”

He noted it would take two to three days for the demolition and another couple of days for cleanup.

– It was announced applications for funds from the city’s Community Housing Improvement Program are available in the mayor’s office in the City Municipal Building.

A finance committee meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 12, with a service committee meeting to follow. Both meetings will be in council chambers.