Smithfield officials sworn in

SMITHFIELD – Village Council members renamed Nikki Pflug as council president at the rescheduled session held Tuesday and installed Diana Holcolm as a new council member for a four-year term.

Pflug conducted the meeting due to the excused absence of Mayor Ted Boyd. Council member Pat Freeland was excused due to illness.

It was announced that Boyd and Pflug planned to attend a mayor’s court instruction session held Thursday and Friday. Holcomb will attend a session for new council members set for March 22 in Worthington.

Due to the resignation of Councilman George Harrah due to illness, members will seek a replacement for the four-year term. Resumes are to be sent to the Smithfield City Building, 1347 Main St., P.O. Box 454, Smithfield, OH 43948. The deadline is Jan. 31.

New council chairmen were named to committees. They include Allen Slaughter, lands and buildings committee; Pflug, recreation; Ed Sobolewski, safety; Debbie Coconaugher, Freeland and Holcomb, finance; and Boyd, Coconaugher and Freeland, records. It was noted that Boyd should be present at all meetings and be apprised of every meeting.

Paul Greene, Northern Cemetery clerk, reported on its status. He said there were no burials or sales of lots in December and officials are starting to discuss the status of mowing during the warmer months. He said the Friends of Smithfield had funded the grass cutting for part of the summer and that John Borkowski had worked with a crew of volunteers to keep the grounds mowed and cleaned up last year. Council suggested contractors be called about mowing, have them take a look at the grounds and put in bids. He was reminded of levy money that could be used for mowing, and Greene said he would like to have the Civil War markers embedded so they can’t removed.

Gary Drobne was named chairman of the cemetery board. Francis Sadar is secretary, and Tony Phillippi is a member.

Ron Saxon, street and sewerage department chairman, said that schooling for EPA testing to get his license is coming up soon. The classes will be held in Steubenville. He made suggestions on saving money on the addition of chlorine to the septic system and is to check into the situation.

The lack of office heat in the building at the sewage department was a matter of concern. Saxon said he used a heater donated by Pflug until it was no longer working and some small heaters that eventually stopped working.

Sobolewski suggested taking money from the account used for the sale of nonpotable water to fund a suitable heater for the office and it was approved.

The sale of the water is slowing due to some contractors moving on and council discussed ways to advertise for its sale.

Saxon reported on plowing streets in the village with the new snow plow and that Brian Barbarossa had been contacted to repair the old plow to use as a back up.

Village Solicitor Bryan Felmet accepted the position for another year and the Ohio Basic Code was adopted as the code of ordinances, the American Legal Publishing version.