Gable foundation receives significant donations

CADIZ – The Clark Gable Museum Foundation received two significant donations during 2013, the year of the King of Hollywood’s 112th birthday.

Cathie and Jack Defazio of Lisbon, great supporters of the Clark Gable Foundation through the years, donated back to the museum many of the auction items they have purchased since the start of the birthday celebrations.

Gable’s birthday was Feb. 1, 1901, but in the years since the celebrations began in 1985, it has been held on the weekend of that significant date.

Gable was born in a two-story home at 138 Charleston St. that was torn down and then reconstructed. The upstairs apartment where the King of Hollywood was born was recreated as much as possible, with a sitting room, kitchen, pantry and nursery and bedroom.

In the Defazio collection there are books, photographs, life-size stand-ups of Gable or his movie co-stars and various other items.

Some of the items will go into the museum and other collectibles will be sold as the Defazios gave the foundation officers that option.

A friend of the Defazios, Judge John Leskovyansky, has attended many of the birthday events as a Clark Gable look-alike.

The other contributor was Donna Corwin, one of the foundation’s retired ambassadors. Her donation was special dresses made for her to wear to the Gable celebrations each year. The outfits are on display in the museum and are a great addition to the surrounding collections, according to Nan Mattern, executive director.

The foundation continues to collect donations for a Gable sculpture seated on a bench to be placed outside of the museum and Gable home. Lou Cella is the sculptor. Mattern and Jackie Rocchi, secretary, visited him while on a fundraising trip to Chicago in 2013.

Donations to the sculpture can be sent to Clark Gable Foundation, c/o Nan Mattern, 138 Charleston St., Cadiz, OH 43907.