Club 106 closed down for now

STEUBENVILLE – Club 106 on South Street was ordered to be closed for six months as part of an agreement Friday in the city-filed nuisance case against the business in Jefferson County Common Pleas Court.

City Law Director S. Gary Repella and Costa Mastros, assistant law director, and attorney Aaron Miller, representing club owner Derek Smith, reached an agreement closing the club for six months.

The city in October filed a nuisance action to have the club’s doors padlocked for one year. The city law director’s office got an injunction last year to prevent Smith from operating the building as a social club and selling beer and liquor illegally until he gets the proper building permits from the city.

Smith was found in contempt of the order, so the city filed an injunction as a follow-up to a raid in May to have the building locked.

Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. issued the order for the club to be padlocked for six months, effective at 6 p.m. today. He gave Smith a chance to prepare the building to be closed.

Smith had obtained an occupancy permit from the city.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety assisted City Police in an investigation into the club. Undercover liquor agents entered Club 106, were met by a doorman and paid a cover charge of $10 in May.

The liquor agents went to the bar area and ordered and paid for drinks. Later that night, the club was raided and 120 people were found inside. Agents reported finding more than 300 bottles of beer, dozens of bottles of liquor, six firearms, two of which were reported stolen, bags of marijuana, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and suspected methamphetamine.

Mastros said Smith was convicted in Steubenville Municipal Court for selling beer or intoxicating liquor without a permit. Mastros said there have been incidents of criminal activity around the club, including assaults, gun fights and homicides.