Boland: City’s ready for possible snowfall

STEUBENVILLE – City Manager Tim Boland said Friday afternoon the street crews are ready for the anticipated snow this weekend and have a supply of road salt needed to treat the streets in Steubenville.

A winter weather advisory was issued by the National Weather Service from midnight Friday through 6 p.m. today.

“We have worked out the delivery issues we were having last week and earlier this week and have been receiving our salt deliveries throughout the remainder of this week. The delivery issues have been addressed for now. But we will continue to monitor the situation as we move forward,” said Boland.

“We are anticipating the snow that is forecast for the weekend and we will be OK for the weekend and the foreseeable future,” added Boland.

The city was conserving slat earlier this week after the city saw salt delivery delays.

“Several salt deliveries were made Tuesday and we have a good supply of salt again. We were not out of road salt at any time, but we were getting a little tight on supplies because of delivery issues from the salt supplier,” Boland said Tuesday night.

“The city participates in a purchase program through the state along with a number of other government entities, and for some reason a number of communities have been experiencing issues with the delivery of salt this year,” explained Boland.

“The delivery issues have been corrected and we don’t have any concerns at this point. But we will be looking at why there were issues and how to prevent them in the future. The safety of our citizens, especially during the winter months, is a top priority for us. We did maintain our streets Tuesday morning with plows and used the available salt where it was needed,” said Boland.

The National Weather Service in Moon Township is predicting one to three inches of snow accumulation today after an expected one inch of snow Friday night. There is a slight chance of snow between 7 p.m. today and 1 a.m. Sunday with a wind chill of minus 9 today.

The Sunday forecast calls for snow showers for the period running after 1 p.m. through midnight.

The cold weather will continue into next week with highs in the mid-teens on Monday and then a Tuesday-night low of 3 followed by a high of 9 for Wednesday.

Weirton Public Works Director John Brown said his crews are fully prepared to deal with the weekend’s winter weather.

“The city has adequate supplies and materials,” Brown said.

Brown said his crews were set to begin treating the roads at 11 p.m. Friday and would work throughout Saturday to keep the city’s streets clear and safe for traffic.

“We are working around the clock,” Brown said. “We’re like everybody else. We’re doing the best we can.”

Brown is, however, asking for residents to lend some assistance so his crews can be more effective while treating the roads.

Among his suggestions is to park as close to the curb as possible, or to use garages and off-street parking when available. He also requests residents not put snow into the streets while clearing the driveways or sidewalks.

While driving, Brown suggests motorists remember to stay at least 100 feet behind the snowplows and other city or state vehicles.

Brown said he is keeping in contact with City Manager Valerie Means during this round of winter weather. Means will be keeping the mayor and members of council informed of work crews’ progress.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has been getting deliveries of salt and has about 4,000 tons at its main garage and outposts throughout the county, said Ty Justice, ODOT county manager.

He said ODOT has been getting deliveries daily. He said it appears there are some problems in getting salt deliveries due to transportation issues.

“We are low like everybody else. We had placed an order in December for 800 tons but we only got a couple hundred since. We need a warm spell so everyone can get caught up on deliveries,” said Jefferson County Engineer James Branagan.

Branagan said the salt bins were filled going into winter but crews have been out on the roads since November spreading salt.