Toronto police gain new Ford cruiser

TORONTO – City Police have a new crime-fighting vehicle just in time for Christmas – a 2014 Ford Taurus cruiser.

City Police Chief Randy Henry said the department now has seven vehicles in its fleet, and the latest will be equipped with new crime-fighting tools as well.

“It’s a police interceptor,” Henry said of the vehicle, recently striped with the City Police’s identifying decals. “They no longer make Crown Victorias. This vehicle came from TEAM Ford. They beat the state cooperative price.”

Henry said the department paid around $22,000 for the new vehicle, an all-wheel drive cruiser with a V-8 engine.

It’s replacing the vehicle that caught on fire in September,” said the chief, adding the insurance payment from that fire helped pay for the new vehicle.

The vehicle already is equipped with a mobile computer, added Henry.

“We’re getting another license plate reader,” he said. “We’re going to put that into the cruiser as soon as it arrives.”

Henry said patrolman Derrick Piatt would be assigned to the new vehicle. He added the last vehicle was front-wheel drive, but it wasn’t up to the department’s standards.

“The car it replaced was killing us on maintenance,” said the chief. “We put a ton of money into that car. It was in the shop more than on the road. That was our first front-wheel drive vehicle. It wasn’t a success.”