Charter panel looks at limiting terms

STEUBENVILLE – The city’s Charter Review Commission is considering proposals to create term limits for council members and the mayor as well as changes to the council and mayor’s salaries.

Commission Chairman John J. Mascio said the commission has discussed eight-year term limits but have not made a final decision.

“We will review the entire charter, and once we are finished we will review it again and listen to testimony before writing a final recommendation,” said Mascio.

The commission also discussed changing the salaries for the council members and the mayor’s job in executive session.

Mascio declined to discuss the details of the salary proposal.

Council members currently receive $3,900 annually while the mayor is paid $4,900.

The commission met for nearly two hours Thursday morning to review charter language governing in the introduction of legislation and how it is published prior to a final vote.

The commission is set to meet again at 10 a.m. on Jan. 9 to start review the charter language regarding the city manager position.

All commission meetings are held at the Historic Fort Steuben Visitors Center.

The commission has been meeting to review each paragraph in the city charter that was adopted in 1984 by the city voters.

The document officially was reviewed in 1987 and again in 1992.

Mayor Domenick Mucci’s proposed timeline calls for all hearings to be completed by May.

“You may find out the language may be satisfactory. Or you may hear suggestions about changes. This is a review commission. You are not here to change the form of city government,” explained Mucci.

Mucci also said the commission should forward any proposed changes to City Council by July so the proposed changes can appear on the November general election ballot.

City resident Andy Celestin was appointed to serve on the commission after original appointee Louise Holliday indicated she could not attend the Thursday morning meetings.

Celestin served on the 1992 charter review commission.