Smithfield’s Northern Cemetery discussed

SMITHFIELD – Northern Cemetery, the cemetery within the village that the Friends of Smithfield group oversees, was discussed at a recent meeting held at the Smithfield Historical Building.

Linda Helt presided, and Paul Greene reported on the work of John Borkowski and Tony Phillippi, who cleared trees and debris. Phillippi used his tools to cut the pines and lumber. He praised Woody Dunlap for the job done through the summer.

Since the cost of mowing went from $700 to $900 in recent years, Borkowski and Phillippi took on the job of mowing the grounds and hiring some labor to trim.

“I hope we can continue to maintain it. We have to depend on donations from those with families there. The village can only maintain it until funds run out,” Greene said.

Cindy Grace, secretary, praised the look with the trees trimmed.”It looks terrific compared to the rest of the town.”

Group members noted Smithfield is the third safest village in Ohio, with low crime rates, according to statistics.

Members noted 40 one-year memberships and five 20-year memberships were obtained. At the next meeting in two months, a membership drive will start again for the new year.

Judie Philippi, historical society president, said fundraisers are needed for the roof of the building and its museum. A soup and sandwich event was held on Nov. 2 to earn money for the project.

“We need a place of coming together, a place of socialization, and we only have the Historical Society and the fire department, plus churches. (Philippi) worked hard and long to establish this building we are meeting in and we were told by the insurance adjuster that the building is well organized,” Evelyn Clouston said.

Focusing on the sidewalks is another need in the village, as there are many in bad shape or non existent, it was noted.

Grace said federal block grants are available for Main Street and possibly other streets.