L.A.W.S. offers family movies monthly

STEUBENVILLE – The Lee Alexander West Spiritual Movement is offering a free family movie night every month at the Tower of Power Church on Maryland Avenue.

Cookie West, mother of the late Lee West, said the program has been funded by the Christian Fellowship Foundation.

“We are offering a Christian based movie every month. We provide a friendly, safe family atmosphere for families to gather together to watch a movie and we then have a conversation about the movie.

“One idea behind the monthly movie is to bring people together as families,” West explained.

Her son died in January 2012 in a house fire.

“It is important in our very busy lives for us to come together as a family. We offer a safe environment where we can be together to watch a family movie and then have a dialog.

“We talk about the Christian values in the movie and how we can apply those values to our own lives,” said West.

The event will begin at 3 p.m. Saturday and continue until 5 p.m.

“We schedule these movie nights in the middle of each month. That seems to work best,” remarked West.

“We have received great support from the Indian Creek School District, Steubenville City School District and Bishop John King Mussio Junior High School. They are putting our flyers up in their schools.

“People know who we are and what we are trying to do. And that is encouraging,” added West.

“This month’s movie is ‘Johnny” a movie about a young man who suffers from cancer and also suffers from the life he leads. But he has been given new possibilities by God. We all face obstacles in our lives but if we keep our faith in God things will turn around,” said West.

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