Curbside recycling starts in Steubenville

STEUBENVILLE – Toni Dear wheeled her 65-gallon recycling container to the curb in front of her house early Friday morning.

“We signed up to participate in this program early on because it is convenient and we were packing the paper and cardboard into our truck every week to take to the recycling containers at the elementary school every week. The curbside program makes recycling easy and convenient. It is nice our neighborhood was chosen for the test project,” Dear said.

“They gave us large containers on wheels and I doubt I will fill it up every week. I will probably fill it about half way every week. But I am glad we can do this,” she added.

JB Green Team Education Coordinator Louise Holliday said Friday afternoon the first day of curbside recycling in the designated neighborhoods saw, “56 pickups and 1,060 pounds of material collected that will be recycled.”

Holliday said 196 residences were signed up for the curbside recycling test in Steubenville with almost half of the participants in the Buena Vista neighborhood.

“We were following the city’s sanitation truck route. And while we didn’t have all of the 196 recycling bins at the curb, I believe that is because Friday was the first day of the program. And some people might be waiting until they have a full container before the put it at the curb,” explained Holliday

Mayor Domenick Mucci applauded the first day of curbside recycling.

“It is exciting to see curbside recycling in the city again. My hope is this test is successful and we can give serious consideration to a citywide curbside recycling program. But the success of the program will be determined by the participation,” said Mucci.

“We will save the cost of dumping fees at a local landfill and we are also looking out for future generations by recycling the material and not dumping it in a landfill,” added Mucci.

JB Green Team Executive Director Cliff Meyer said a similar test curbside recycling program will start on Tuesday in Martins Ferry.

“We didn’t achieve the 400 participants we wanted in both communities. But I believe we have enough participants so that we can analyze the numbers and determine if the program is financially feasible,” said Meyer.

“We are asking participants to only put paper and cardboard, plastics and metal items in the bins. Glass put into the recycling bins will have to be taken out and that will cost us money. We want to make this work and we are asking participants to help us recycle properly,” Meyer noted.

“I believe this is a win-win for everyone involved. It will reduce the amount of garbage we take to the local landfill,” Mucci said.

Fifth Ward Councilman Willie Paul had lobbied to include the Buena Vista subdivision in the pilot program, “because they already had their own recycling program in place.”

“This will save the city money in landfill tipping fees and will make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. And hopefully the JB Green Team will make some money from recycling the materials,” said Paul.