City business focus for Toronto Council

TORONTO – Various pending issues were discussed during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Mayor John Geddis obtained council’s permission for the condemnation and demolition of the former Blue Danube Tavern.

“One of last night’s pieces of legislation was for the tearing down of the former Blue Danube,” said Geddis, adding the once-popular neighborhood tavern had been abandoned and was now in total disrepair. “The address is 1309 and 1311 Madison Ave. There was an apartment there, also. It’s one big building sitting on two pieces of ground.”

The mayor said there were several liens against the property.

In other matters, council gave Geddis authority to negotiate with the union representing the city’s firefighters.

“First it was the police (union), and now it’s time for the fire department,” Geddis said.

The mayor said city officials were hoping for good weather to finish paving about 1,200 feet of Market Street from Sixth Street west.

“Lash Paving Co. should be in by the end of the week to finish that and (other streets),” Geddis said, adding the $38,000 in funds for the paving came from the city’s portion of state infrastructure funds. “The sidewalk project at the city’s north end is almost complete.”

The mayor also said city crews were preparing for the winter.

“The snow’s the scary part,” he said, adding it costs the city funds in overtime, salt and other expenses.