Toronto rec levy on ballot

TORONTO – A renewal proposal for a five-year, 0.5 recreation levy is on the Nov. 5 ballot for voters’ consideration.

The levy generates about $10,945 per year in projected revenue, according to Mayor John Geddis.

“That’s the (estimate) we put into the 2014 projected city budget,” said the mayor.

The levy is used for recreation services and maintenance in the city, including the city pool, the Roosevelt Recreation Center, the city shelterhouse, the city’s playgrounds and equipment, he added.

“This (levy) is needed,” said Geddis, adding it costs the typical landowner pennies per year. “It’s always been well-received.”

Geddis said he believes Toronto has offered its citizens excellent recreation services and opportunities, and while some neighboring municipalities are cutting back on recreation activities, Toronto is expanding its recreational services. He added revenue generated by the levy alone isn’t enough to fund all services, but it does help. He emphasized the proposal is just a renewal.

“This (proposal) helps maintain the current facilities that we have,” he said. “There are no new taxes added to this. This is just a renewal (proposal).”