Recycling program needs new participants

STEUBENVILLE – Mayor Domenick Mucci is still looking for residents in the Buena Vista, Cunningham Lane and Alexander Manor neighborhoods interested in participating in a test recycling program.

A pilot recycling program is set to begin next month in the three city neighborhoods in Steubenville as well as designated neighborhoods in Martins Ferry.

“We will be sending out 642 letters. We need 400 residents to return the stamped postcard indicating they are interested in being part of the one-year program and they will receive a recycling bin with an identification number. The city and the JB Green Team are co-sponsoring the pilot program but it is really the residents who will determine the success of the program,” Mucci said.

Mucci said the bins will be distributed to the participating residents by the city’s sanitation department later this month, “and we are planning to kick off the program in early November.”

“Your sanitation collection is on Mondays, so we are asking participants to put their recycling bin at the curb on Mondays for collection by a JB Green Team recycling truck,” explained Mucci.

“This is not the former voluntary curbside recycling program where residents had to purchase a blue bag and separate the materials at the curb. This is a free recycling bin that you can place in your garage or outside. You toss your recycling material in the bin and then wheel it to the curb on Friday morning where a JB Green truck and employees will empty the bin. If by chance non-recyclable materials are thrown into the recycling bin, the resident can put that item into their regular Monday sanitation collection,” stated Mucci.

“I believe this is a win-win for everyone involved. It will reduce the amount of garbage we take to the local landfill, it will reduce the tipping fees we pay at the landfill and it will benefit future generations. All we are asking is for residents in the Buena Vista, Cunningham Lane and Alexander Manor neighborhoods to return the stamped postcards the city sent you as soon as possible. If you don’t have the post card, please call the City Hall Utility Collection office and ask for Cindy McKay or my office as soon as possible,” Mucci said.

Cliff Meyer, executive director of the JB Green Team, said part of the one-year program’s success will be determined by participation and the economic aspects of curbside recycling.

“We have had some response from the residents in both cities but we need the 400 residents in Steubenville and Martins Ferry so we can make a strong study of the interest in recycling and the economic benefits from recycling,” said Meyer.

“The residents in Martins Ferry will receive a 65-gallon recycling bin free of charge and Steubenville residents will receive a 95-gallon bin. Each bin will have an identification number, so if the bin is missing we can track it down and return it to the resident. The recycling will be a free service to the participating resident. All we are asking is the participants clean the plastic and metal items. The plastic, metal cans and paper items can all be placed in the same bin, which will be picked up on the designated collection day. We have made recycling as easy as possible,” explained Meyer.

“We are asking participants to only put paper and cardboard, plastics and metal items in the bins. Glass put into the recycling bins will have to be taken out and that will cost us money. We want to make this work and we are asking participants to help us recycle properly,” Meyer noted.

Fifth Ward Councilman Willie Paul had lobbied to include the Buena Vista subdivison in the pilot program, “because they already had their own recycling program in place.”

“This will save the city money in landfill tipping fees and will make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. And hopefully the JB Green Team will make some money from recycling the materials,” said Paul.