Pennsylvania man arrested for contact with teenage boy

STEUBENVILLE – A Pennsylvania man was arrested Sunday afternoon after he allegedly drove to Jefferson County to meet a 13-year old boy for sexual purposes.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla announced the arrest Monday afternoon and said charges are pending.

Abdalla said the individual is being held in the Jefferson County jail.

He declined to identify the man because charges have not been filed yet.

Brian K. Boone, 49, 133 Kearns St., Imperial, Pa., was arrested on importuning with a telecommunications device charges Sunday, according to Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin. Hanlin said the local importuning charge was expected to be filed Monday afternoon.

“We are in discussions with the FBI regarding federal charges to make a strong case against this individual,” Hanlin said.

The sheriff said the man contacted the 13-year old a week ago and the teen immediately told his father, who brought him to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department.

“I interviewed the boy and then talked to Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents who were here on another case. They offered their technical expertise and an agent started playing the role of the 13-year old. The Pennsylvania man contacted the teen again and then traveled to Jefferson County Sunday afternoon where he was met by my deputies, BCI agents and FBI agents,” related Abdalla.

“I have been in contact with Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin regarding local charges. And there is a very good chance federal charges may be filed against the individual because he crossed state lines,” declared Abdalla.

Abdalla said his deputies, BCI agents and FBI agents traveled to the suspect’s home in Pennsylvania where they met local law enforcement officials Sunday evening and searched his house for evidence.

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