JB Green officials discuss plans

STEUBENVILLE – The JB Green Team trustees gave preliminary approval Monday night to a new 15-year operating plan for submission to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that may include a $20 million mixed waste processing facility in future years.

The preliminary approval will allow CT Environmental to continue working on the plan that is set for a September adoption by communities and elected officials in Jefferson and Belmont counties.

Trustee Terry Bell initially opposed including the mixed waste processing facility project in the 15-year plan but dropped his opposition after hearing from Jim Skora of CT Environmental and Cliff Meyer, executive director of the JB Green Team.

“At this point you are not committing to the $20 million project. And I highly recommend you evaluate your options. If you take it out of the plan now it will be harder to put it back in sometime in the future,” said Skora.

“I am asking you to allow me to send out a letter asking if there is interest in that project. We can take it out later. My opinion is to have it in the plan and we can always take it out later,” added Meyer.

The board then approved a motion to review the inclusion of the mixed waste processing facility in the 15-year operating plan by April.

“Cliff Meyer will have to do his due diligence on the proposed mixed waste processing facility and we will then have to determine if the two largest cities in both counties, Steubenville and Martins Ferry, and the county commissioners in Jefferson and Belmont counties believe if it makes sense to leave the project in the plan,” explained Board Chairman Bob Chapman.

Skora said his consulting firm will submit a draft of the operating plan to the OEPA, which then will start a review, “and ask questions.”

JB Green Team Fiscal Officer Dave Hays reported the solid waste authority received $176,819. 53 in August revenue and spent $158,159.62 during the month.

“We are also preparing for a one-year curbside recycling program in Steubenville and Martins Ferry. Last month we approved a purchase order for a new truck that will be used for recycling purposes in both cities. A test model will be in the communities this week so our driver can see how it handles in the communities,” said Chapman.

The Martins Ferry residents participating in the recycling pilot program will receive a 65-gallon bin, while Steubenville participating residents will receive a 96-gallon bin for recyclable materials.

After considerable discussion about hiring a part-time employee for the recycling test program, the board agreed to allow Meyer to employ an individual from a temporary staffing company.

“We will review the curbside recycling program after the first six months and then make a final review after one year,” said Chapman.

Meyer was asked to prepare a revenue summary for review and discussion at the November board meeting in Belmont County.