Hilltop cleanup set for Saturday

STEUBENVILLE – For the ninth straight year residents and volunteers will be picking up litter and trash Saturday in the city’s two hilltop neighborhoods.

“We are asking our neighborhood residents to help us keep our neighborhood free of litter. Anyone who can’t participate Saturday can also assist us in a small way by picking up litter that is on or near your property, street or alley. Place the litter in a plastic bag and leave it on the corner of your block and a volunteer will come by Saturday morning and remove the bagged litter,” stated Teresa DiCarlantonio of the Hilltop CDC.

“I suggest volunteers wear older clothing. Volunteers are encouraged to meet at 11 a.m. at Piece of Pie Park on LaBelle or the Trinity East Hospital front parking lot. We will provide gloves and trash bags, and a lunch coordinated by Carlotta Jordan will be provided after the cleanup is completed,” she said.

DiCarlantonio has been coordinating the spring and fall litter cleanup campaigns every year, and she said she has seen a difference.

“We still have litter on our streets but I believe we are making a difference. Every year we see a little less litter collected and I believe that is because of the pride of our residents,” said DiCarlantonio.

“Help us keep our neighborhoods free of litter. The weather forecast is good for a walk through our neighborhoods. Now is the time to clean up litter on our streets and sidewalks before winter arrives,” said DiCarlantonio.

Steubenville Code Enforcement Officer Shawn Scott said City Police will be patrolling the hilltop neighborhoods during the cleanup.

“It’s a fall cleanup,” he said. “The hilltop has been doing this for nine years. We’re teaming up with the JB Green Team again this year.”

Scott also said the neighborhood cleanup doesn’t mean resident should put out large items for pickup.

“It’s not a bulk item pickup. If you leave a bulk item out, you will be cited,” warned Scott.

“We are also putting the people who are dumping trash on the hilltop on notice. Anyone caught dumping trash will face littering charges. I am also urging residents to make sure their trash is in a plastic bag and put in a trash can with the lid secured. This is not a dumping area,” stressed Scott.

He noted a tire collection will be held at the Fort Steuben Mall in cooperation with the JB Green Team on Nov. 9.

“This is continuing our efforts to collect old tires from city residents through a state grant the city received. This will be the only collection site in the city, so any city residents who wants to discard tires can bring them to the mall from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day,” announced Scott.