Haunted house, trees focus for Wells trustees

BRILLIANT – Trees and the haunted house in Brilliant again were discussed at a meeting of the Wells Township trustees.

A resident asked if a decision had been made about the trees in town, and trustee John Cook replied that if a tree is a hazard, the problem will be rectified by trimming, if possible. Trustee Larry Owens agreed, saying trees will not be removed but safety will be maintained.

The resident said the bill for such maintenance should be sent to the person who planted the tree, and he wanted to know why his tax money should be spent to maintain a tree that was paid for personally.

Cook said if a tree is on the township right of way, the township is responsible.

Another resident said he counted the trees on the main right of way, and the total is 226. He proposed that he would trim the trees for $75 each.

Owens asked the man if he carried liability insurance and workers’ compensation. The resident replied he was self-employed and carried neither.

The township cannot enter into contract with a person who is uninsured, according to Owens.

Giving a report on the Haunted House, police Capt. Sean Norman said 12,000 manhours had been donated to date to the project this year by 160 volunteers. Norman said he is extremely proud of the work everyone has done there.

It was pointed out that the township has a bona fied tourist attraction in the haunted house.

Several adults participate in the project, and no one is paid. The attraction, according to the discussion, allows the young people to be a part of something good and useful. Since no one is paid, the proceeds are reinvested into the project to renew and upgrade the attraction.

Norman thanked Malcolm Fellows for doing the fire and safety inspections and Road Superintendent John Keyoski for his assistance when needed as well as several police officers for volunteering their time to help.

Howard Cunningham said he thought Norman did a good job with the haunted house, adding that the American Legion is a supporter of the project.

Keyoski reported ditching has been done on 4 miles of roads, with 3 more miles to finish. Mark West Pipelines has been operating in the Jug Run and Dallas Road areas, he said.

Wells Township Road 115 has been heavily damaged, according to the road superintendent. He has been contacting the company and Jefferson County engineer to get compliance under the road use and maintenance agreement with the county.

With snow season approaching, the end line of Jefferson County Road 19 needs to be determined so that the township crew knows what part of the road to maintain, Keyoski said.

A resident reported an odor problem from the sewer line at the park still needs to be corrected.

In answer to a resident’s question about whether a decision had been made about the wall on Irma Street, Cook said trustees have viewed the wall but no decision has been made. A survey will be done to determine the exact location of the right of way for the street.

Fiscal Officer Joseph Matthews said the next regular meeting will be Oct. 29 at Plum Run.