Cadiz square to be monitored

CADIZ – Security cameras were a topic of discussion at Thursday’s Village Council meeting.

Council approved the purchase of three new security cameras, along with an upgraded DVR system in the police station to support them. Two cameras will be placed at the municipal building – one inside a hallway to improve employee safety and one outside to face the courthouse. The remaining camera will be placed outside the courthouse facing the Cadiz square.

Police Chief Ryan McCann said the camera “might help lead us in the right direction if a crime occurs.”

Nate Laps, a representative from the MarkWest Energy Inc. addressed council about getting approval to build a launch receiver pad and valve site on property on Industrial Park Road. The valve site will be used for cleaning pipelines and will be built on property already being leased from the Community Improvement Corp. The company will need to use a temporary access road to build the valve site and later, a permanent access road to use it.

Laps agreed to a stipulation that requires MarkWest to provide assistance when the road needs repairs. Mayor Kenneth Zitko asked if the village would receive compensation for use of the temporary access road. Laps said the village would be paid $7,500. MarkWest is currently the largest processor and fractionator of natural gas in the Appalachian Basin.

Council discussed semi-truck and oversized load traffic coming through town, generally from the gas and oil industry. Companies have requested permission to travel on North Main Street to get through town. While some fees for road use were suggested, council agreed to wait until a permit could be drawn up by the solicitor before making a final decision.

Council member Larry Sickle expressed concern about large trucks being destructive to village roads and supported the idea of a fee for a road-use permit.