Zoning variance approved

STEUBENVILLE – The city board of zoning appeals unanimously approved a zoning variance request Monday night one month after tabling the issue.

Robert Barker, representing his mother-in-law Betty Delelles of 101 W. Carlton Road, filed the variance request with the city’s building office asking for a decrease in the required front yard to permit a residential addition.

According to Urban Projects Director Chris Petrossi, the zoning appeal initially was denied by the building office, “because the proposed addition shows a new garage that will encroach into the front yard area.”

“The city regulated required set back has been established on West Carlton. The current residential structure is exactly 46 feet from the street but with the addition, the residence would be 24 feet from the street,” Petrossi said.

“We advertised this public hearing and notified all adjacent property owners of the variance request. We received one comment from an unidentified caller who said he had no opposition to the request,” Petrossi stated.

The city housing code states, “where a front yard set back line has been established by existing residences in the block, this line shall be followed provided that in no case shall the front yard set back be less than 15 feet nor more than 35 feet from the street right of way.”

Barker said plans call for half of the existing garage to be removed and a family room and bathroom to be placed in the garage area.

“We would then put a new garage in front of the house. The city street is a dead end right after the my mother-in-law’s house. I will do a lot of the work myself. And we need to finalize a decision on a contractor,” Barker explained.

Petrossi said Barker will need a prepared plan to be reviewed by the city building inspector.

Barker said he will start immediately putting together a plan. He was given 120 days to complete the project.

The board of zoning appeals tabled the request last month after no one attended the meeting to explain what the zoning variance request included.