Wells Township troubled by trees

BRILLIANT – Various views regarding trees were voiced at a recent meeting of the Wells Township trustees.

When asking about the tree problem in Brilliant, resident Howard Cunningham said he does not want them to be cut down.

Trustee John Cook said no trustee has ever stated he was in favor of cutting the trees down, and that option had been raised by a person attending the meeting at Salt Run as a way to solve the problem.

Noting trees continue to interfere with truck traffic, Road Superintendent John Keyoski said trimming them continuously is a hardship on the road and bridge department’s budget. The funds available have been cut each year because of the electric utility deregulation. Keyoski said the time is approaching when the trustees will have to decide between trees and asphalt.

Jane Brandfass, a resident, said the trees are beautiful when in bloom, and it would be a shame to cut them down. She added many residents purchased the trees in someone’s memory and would not want them removed.

Solicitor Michele Miller said the trustees have a duty to keep the streets safe, and a plan to maintain the trees at a reasonable cost needs to be developed if they are to remain.

Trustee Larry Owens made a motion not to allow any more trees be planted on township property. Trustees Joe Ellis and Cook said they wanted to think about the issue before making a decision.

In other matters, trustees approved two motions concerning Miner Road. One is to have attorney Michael Bednar assist in establishing that road as a township road. The other motion is to continue to proceed with the objective of establishing Miner Road and to proceed with Wells Township Road 152, using a different access.

Cook thanked township crews for reinstalling the stop sign at Riddles Run Road. Two residents also expressed appreciation to the crews cleaning up after a chip and seal project and for fixing a curb.

Another resident said oversized loads have been hauled up Blues Run Road with no notice to bus drivers.

Malcolm Fellows reported the property letters were ready, and the old hotel is scheduled for demolition in this round of the county project.

A meeting with state Rep. Jack Cera, D-Bellaire, to view progress on the state Route 7 project is planned on Oct. 7.

Patty Campbell representing Integrys Energy presented information on aggregation.

The swimming pool has been winterized, according to Charles Nest, pool manager.

A 17-minute executive session was held to review property matters.

Trustees approved a motion to pay bills totaling $97,142.66.

At the request of Fiscal Officer Joseph Matthews, a motion was approved to change the Oct. 22 meeting at Plum Run to 7 p.m. on Oct. 29, also at Plum Run.