Ohio highway patrol opens subpost in Cadiz

WINTERSVILLE – The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced Friday that it will open a subpost in Harrison County to better serve the motorists and residents in the county.

Lt. Joe Fetty, Steubenville Post commander, said the Steubenville Post is located in Jefferson County but also provides services to Harrison County. The subpost will be located in an office in the Ohio Department of Transportation Building, 43041 S. Industrial Park Road, Cadiz. The office opened on Friday.

Troopers working in Harrison County can use the subpost to meet with the public to complete crash reports, enter case investigations into the computer system and process evidence with minimal additional costs.

Fetty said there has been an increase in traffic in Harrison County because of the oil and gas industry.

“A subpost in Harrison County will allow the Steubenville Post to provide a more consistent level of service to the residents of Harrison County,” Fetty said. “The establishment of this enhanced presence in the county is another way in which the Ohio State Highway Patrol is contributing to a safer Ohio.”

In 1933, the first Ohio State Highway Patrol class graduated and was assigned to six districts across the state, with each district having three substations. These substations were initially located in private residences. The last major organizational change to the structure of the patrol occurred in 1953.

In January 2012, a plan was outlined to reorganize the patrol’s structure to continue providing a high level of service at a reduced cost.

The reorganization was completed this year, taking the patrol from 10 districts to eight.

Headquarters for the eight districts are in Findlay, Bucyrus, Warren, Piqua, Columbus, Cambridge, Wilmington and Jackson.

As a part of the reorganization, plans are to establish subposts in the 31 counties that do not have stand-alone posts to ensure appropriate traffic safety services and coverage in all of Ohio’s 88 counties, Fetty said.

Fetty said the subpost in Cadiz won’t be staffed all the time, but the public can call the post at (740) 264-1641 to schedule an appointment to meet with a trooper.