Harrison sets more road use agreements

CADIZ Three road use and maintenance agreements were approved by the Harrison County commissioners Wednesday, with the new language included in the amendments.

An agreement with Chesapeake for a section of county Road 50 and a section of county Road 35 will be used to access the Jewett water wells.

According to Doug Crabtree of the county engineer’s office, Chesapeake will use the roads to haul in 10 large empty holding tanks that will be connected by pipeline to the nearby well, so no hauling of loaded water tanker trucks should occur over the section of roads.

“Jewett spent a lot of money to put in those additional wells, and it is good to see they are finally able to recoup some of that money,” said Commissioner Bill Host, as the board approved the route.

Two tabled agreements from a prior meeting were approved. One with Chevron will cover a portion of county Road 12, while one with Chevron Appalachia is for use of 2.4 miles of county Road 61.

“We originally held up this agreement due to Gulfport not being in compliance on the section of road,” said Commissioner Dale Norris. “Gulfport has since completed work and repairs so we can approve this agreement.”

Joyce Klingler spoke as an agent of the Harrison County Concerned Citizens, verifying a rumor that the ambulance she had asked about leasing to the hospital last week was being used to block a road in the county.

Norris stated he had been contacted and gave his approval to use the vehicle to block access to the bridge on county Road 51, which has been declared unsafe for travel. Norris said the drop from the bridge was some 120 feet and barrels blocking access had been moved on several occasions. He stated that due to safety and liability issues the county needs a more reliable deterrent at the location. Crabtree explained the ambulance was not a new vehicle and contained no equipment. It was replaced in rotation back in 2009 and spent some time at Hopedale after that, where it had been sidelined again due to electrical issues. It is being monitored regularly.

Scott Blackburn, director of the Harrison County Department of Job and Family Services, read a public notice for the Prevention, Retention, and Contingency program, and for the first time the DJFS received suggestions from two local agencies. According to Blackburn, both the Harrison County CIC and Harcatus, a community action agency for Carroll, Tuscarawas and Harrison counties, have requested funds to help assist local low-income families with utility bills.

“The funds available for assistance with utilities have been cut due to sequester and such,” Blackburn explained.

In other business, the board:

– Created a new line item for Treasurer Vicki Sefsick to facilitate Tax Ease, a property tax lender, to collect delinquent tax bills.