County plans hydrant flushing

WINTERSVILLE – The Jefferson County Water and Sewer District will flush hydrants Monday through Friday.

Customers may experience low water pressure and some discoloration of water. The water and sewer district advised residents not to do laundry while the hydrants in their area are being flushed.

The following is a list of the areas to have hydrants flushed:

Area A – county Road 26, Keeper Road, Washington Road, Porter Road, Tarr Hill, state Route 151, village of New Alexandria, Georges Run, Buckingham Ridge Road, Plum Run, all township roads off state Route 151, Santucci Road, Graham Road and Chestnut Ridge.

Piney Fork Area – county Road 11, county Road 152A, township Roads 138, 134 and 135 and state Route 152.

Village of Smithfield.

Area G1 – Jackson Heights, Grandview Heights, state Route 150, including Connorville, Warrington and Adams Lane, township Road 111, county Road 14, county Road 1 and Glen Robbins.

Area G11 – county Roads 4, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

Area J and Sunshine Park – county Roads 26, 28 and 30, Sunshine Park (county Road 65), and the streets of Jefferson, Montwell, Comet, Spruce, Queensboro, Pemco and Pembrook.