Business makes donation to new Toronto school

TORONTO – A local business has donated funds toward the new city high school’s library.

The White Front Cafe donated $350 to be used for the building’s new library and media center, according to Maureen Taggart, principal and district communications coordinator.

“Laura Thrasher, an employee at the cafe, had contacted me at the end of the last school year asking me if there was anything they could do to to benefit the new school,” said Taggart, adding Karen Henry, owner of the cafe, also was involved. “I suggested they do something for our library.”

Taggart said she recently was pleasantly surprised when the high school received a check for $350 donated to the school’s library from the cafe.

“Through the combined efforts of the staff at the White Front and generous customers we were able to raise $350 to benefit the school library,” said Thrasher, who has two children attending the school, Jamie and Danielle Mason.

Dave Lucci, school librarian, said the gift was especially welcomed because of new federal school standards for the standardization of curriculum in 2014. The library will be a target point for pupils and students at the school because the federal standards are tied to literacy.

“Because we’re beginning the Common Core Standards, in the library that requires more students and pupils to read more informational text or literature,” said Lucci, adding the library will be purchasing materials tied to the new regulations. “We will mostly purchase books and e-books that pupils and students will hopefully enjoy but also adhere to the Common Core Standards.”

Taggart said the funds were a surprise she hopes to see more often from other organizations and businesses.

“I was thrilled we had a local business take an interest in supporting our educational programs,” Taggart said. “(The Toronto School District) is fortunate we have so many businesses and organizations that support our school.”

Lucci said he also was delighted for the library to receive such a gift.

“We encourage any support from the local community,” he said. “The donations will benefit all students and pupils by giving them reading materials they will enjoy.”

“Hopefully it will ignite a love of reading among pupils and students,” Taggart added.