Work under way to divert mine flow

NEW CUMBERLAND – Work began earlier this week to re-route water flow released when an old mine entrance was uncovered earlier this year.

According to a release from New Cumberland Mayor Linda McNeil, the work began on Monday.

On May 3, Paul Miller, a resident of Still Street, was digging in his back yard when he struck what authorities believe to be an old coal mine.

The incident unleashed an estimated millions of gallons of water which flowed down Rolling Acres Road and flooded the intersection with Hardins Run Road, according to reports at the time.

The flooding damaged the roadway, the Hardins Run bridge and a city storm sewer on Commerce Street.

“There is no way to predict how long the water will flow. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection crew is overseeing the work being done by Cowgirl Up Contracting,” McNeil stated. “They are re-routing the flow under the roadway.”

McNeil said the work to re-route the water flow is expected to take approximately two weeks.