Winners listed in fair rabbit judging

SMITHFIELD – The judging for the junior fair rabbits has been completed and some proud owners were awarded plaques and ribbons to show for their hard work.

In the pen of three market rabbits, Jordan Vance, Ridge Hoppers 4-H Club received grand champion honors. Megan Hoover of the Steubenville Spirits took the reserve champion honors.

Other winners were Owen Long, Lassos and Lace, third and seventh; Megan Hoover, fourth; Brianna Meadows, Lucky Leaf Livestock, fifth; and Courtney Canterbury, Boots and Britches, sixth.

Doe and litter: Jordan Vance was the grand champion and reserve champion; Mary McConnell, 43 Ramblers, third; Marissa Lucci, Barshoe Wranglers, fourth; Mackinzie, PUrple Circle, fifth; Madeline Doyle, Country Kids, sixth; Rhiannon Petrisko, Lucky Leaf Livestock, seventh; Catalina Mazzaferro, Lucky Leaf Livestock; and Kyrsten Mazzaferro, Lucky Leaf, ninth.

Junior Californian buck, Paige Smith, Steubenville Spirits, first. Senior Californian doe, Megan Hoover, first; Senior Californian buck, Andrew Carroll, Lucky Leaf LIvestock, first and best of breed.

Junior Dutch doe, Kayla Huff, Free Spirits, first; Jenna Swickard, American Outbackers, second. Senior Dutch doe, Rhiannon Petrisko, first and best of breed. Senior Dutch buck, Mikayla Petrisko, Lucky Leaf, first.

Senior Flemish giant buck, Melinda Singleton, Warren ridge Wranglers, first.

Senior Hotot doe, Ashton Bensie, Warren Ridge Wranglers, first.

Junior Jersey Wooly doe, Dylan Leasure, Ridge Hoppers, first. Junior Jersey Wooly buck, Heather Chambers, Warren Ridge Wranglers, first; senior Jersey Wooly buck, Catalina Mazzaferro, Lucky Lead, first; Kyrsten Mazzaferro, second.

Junior Holland lops, doe, Sara Waggoner, Lucky Leaf LIvestock, first; Tonya Moodie, boots and Britches, second. Junior Holland lops buck, Kassidy George, Denim and Dust, first. Senior Holland lops, doe, first. Senior Holland lops doe, Dylan Waggoner, Purple Circle, first; Michelle Eddy, boots and Britches, second; Paige Everly, Country Classics, third and fourth; Mackinzie Waggoner, Purple Circle, fifth. Senior Holland lops buck, Alissa Woodward, first; Michelle Eddy, second; Chesney Swickard, third; Courtney Jarman, independent exhibitor, fourth; Ashton Bensie, fifth.

Senior mini lops doe, JoAnna Pastre, Denim and Dust, first; Samantha Glenn, Barshoe Wranglers, second. Senior mini lops buck, Samantha Glenn, first; Marissa Lucci, Barshoe Wranglers, second.

Senior Martins doe, Brianna Meadows, Lucky Leaf, first. and best of breed

Junior Netherland dwarf doe, Chelsea Dalrymple, Free Spirits, first and best of breed. Senior Netherland dwarf buck, Elizabeth Frank Independent, first.

Senior New Zealand white doe, Madeline Doyle, Country Kids, first and best of breed. Senior New Zealand white buck, Owen Long, first; and Brenna Hanlin, Boots and Britches, second.

Junior Polish buck, Lauren Ferralli, bits and Pieces, first. Senior Polish doe, Mikayla Petrisko, first; senior Polish buck, Kyrsten Mazzaferro, first and best of breed; Catalina Mazzaferro, second.

Junior Rex doe, Courtney Canterbury, Boots and Britches, first and best of breed. Junior rex mini buck, Raleigh Doyle, Country Kids, first. Senior rex mini doe, Jordan Vance, first. Senior mini rex buck, Jordan Vance, first and best of breed; Hailee Nelson, Country Kids, second; Chesney Swickard, Barshoe Wranglers, third; tyler Browning, Buckeye Variety, fourth; Alayna Meadows, fifth.

Junior Satin doe, Courtney Canterbury, Boots and Britches, first. Senior Satin doe, Mary McConnell, r43 Ramblers, first and best of breed.

Junior any other breed, Leigha Pasco, first; Rhiannon Pettisko, second; Johnathan Vance, third.Senior any other breed doe, Marissa Lucci, first and best of breed; and; Amber Fiala, Ridge Hoppers, second.

Junior mixed breeds buck, Rachel Zimmer, Barshoe Wranglers, first; Dylan Waggoner, Purple Circle, second; Jenna Swickard, American Outbackers, third. Senior mixed breeds doe, Elizabeth Frank, first and best of breed; and Jenna Swickard, second.

Junior rabbit showmanship: Maddie Anderson, first; Alayna Meadow, second; Breanna Hanlin, third; Lauren Ferral, fourth; Paige Smith, fifth.

Intermediate: Maddie Doyle, first; Paige Everly, second; Owen Long, third; Marissa Lucci, fourth; JoAnna Pastre, fifth.

Senior: Melinda Singleton, first; Rachael Zimmer, second; Chelsea Dalrymple, third; Leigha Pasco, fourth; Megan Hoover, fifth.

Supreme: Sara Waggoner, first; Rhiannon Petrisko, second; Maddie Doyle, third; Maddie Anderson, fourth; Courtney Jarman, fifth.

In a 4-H poster contest, the winners are as follows: Tommi and Charli McConnell, 43 Ramblers; Kyle Koehlein, 43 Ramblers; Emily Fox, Country Kids; Ramsey Core, Country Kids; Aaron and Sam Robinson, Dusty Boots; Ashley and Austin Yaich, Dusty Boots; and Lane Corder, Friends and Neighbors.

In other fair news, the junior fair auction had only nine market steers to go into the livestock ring. In the lightweight class were:

Mackenzie Orban, Free Spirits, 1,302 pounds, first; Sara Vein, Wildwood Critters, 1,271 pounds, second; Brendan Powley, 43 Ramblers, 1,285 pounds, third; Gage Robinson, Wildwood Critters, 1,134 pounds; Blake Finley, Dusty Boots, 1,294 pounds.


Brandon DeFrank, Wildwood Critters, 1,349 pounds, first and grand champion; Abby Vein, Wildwood Critters, 1,329 pounds, reserve champion; Gage Robinson, 1,344 pounds, third; Matthew Randolph, Wildwood Critters, 1,448 pounds, fourth.Junior beef showmanship:

Junior-MacKenzie Orban, first; Kayla Wood, second; Bailey Harris, third; Colby Smith, fourth.

Intermediate-Makayla Marko, first; Charli McConnell, second; Tommi McConnell, third.

Senior – Matthew Randolph, first: Dustin McAfee, second; Blaine Cline, third; Rebecca Rector, fourth. Brandon DeFrank received the supreme champion honors.