Use of property focus in Mingo

MINGO JUNCTION – Village Council was approached Tuesday about abandoning streets and an alley that aren’t being used in the south end off Commercial Avenue.

Attorney John J. Mascio asked council on behalf of his client, G&M Family Partnership of Wintersville, to abandon a portion of Elizabeth Street, all of Susan Street and an unnamed alley. He said his client owns all of the property surrounding the streets.

Mascio said abandoning the streets will not have an impact any existing businesses or residents in the area.

But a couple members of council said they want to see what the business wants to do in developing the property, which sits in the flood plain.

Councilmen James Morrocco and Chuck Dickey said they want to see plans for how the property will be developed.

Council will meet with Mascio and his client at 10 a.m. on Sept. 9 on the property for further discussion.

Mascio said the partnership, with Mary L. Smith as manager, can’t draft a plan on what to do with the property until it knows what it is working with. He said the abandoning of the streets and alley will give the business a complete tract of property without easements for village streets or an alley.

Village Administrator Steve Maguschak said Susan Street is a gravel road. Mascio said village’s rights of way for the streets and alley are overgrown and haven’t been used in years.

Councilman John Brettell said the village wanted to put its village compactor on the village’s right of way but Mascio’s client interfered and the village had to move the location of the compactor.

In other matters, council approved an ordinance advertising for bids for the Lincoln Avenue sewer separation project. Bids will be opened on Sept. 10 for the $2.5 million project.

Kevin Wilmot of CT Consultants, the village’s engineering firm, told council the project is being mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Wilmot said the project involves separating wastewater and storm water into different pipes. He said the combined system now can lead to an overflow issue at the wastewater treatment plant and untreated sewage being dumped into the river.

The village has applied for a 20-year state loan.

Wilmot said the project will include separating about 3,2000 feet of wastewater and storm water lines. He said water lines also will be replaced in the work area.

Council also was informed by Clerk John Angelica the village received a $3,300 bill to replace the computer operating the splash pad at Aracoma Park. Maguschak said the computer overheated in the shed where it is located. Councilman Mike Herrick said it was a poor design to put the computer in a shed without air conditioning.

Council also gave permission to Maguschak, who also is police chief, to reactivate the police department’s auxiliary officers. Maguschak said the police department is considering entering into private security work, with officers and auxiliary officers being directly paid by the person or company hiring the officers for security work.

Council also approved a $10,000 change order for repairs to sewers on Helenka Drive and George Street with James White Construction. Council entered into a $43,000 contract for the work in November but the sewer work will have to be changed because of difficulties discovered after the bid.

Council took no action on giving police department officers back the 30 percent pay cut the police department took at the beginning of the year to help balance the budget. The agreement would have been for the remainder of the year and cost the village about $24,000.

Angelica said the village received a windfall from the state workers’ compensation bureau that would pay for the wages.

Council met in executive session to discuss the offer but took no action.

Council’s water and sewer committee will meet at 9:15 a.m. on Sept. 9.