Toronto council tackles variety of issues

TORONTO – Various pending matters were discussed during Monday’s City Council meeting.

In the absence of Mayor John Geddis, city Auditor Joe Motto read the mayor’s report.

Motto said city crews had been busy recently, patching city streets, re-painting directional arrows, painting all walkways, trimming trees in alleyways, spraying curbs for weeds, running the street sweeper, cleaning catch basins and painting the picnic tables at Newburg Landing Park.

Motto reported city cameras stationed at various locations in the city recently were damaged by heavy storms and had to be replaced. Motto added the cameras were under warranty.

Motto also said the city had negotiated with the company providing city employee health care insurance from a planned 9.7 percent increase in premiums to a 3 percent increase instead.

“I think that’s something we can live with,” said Motto, adding the increase in premiums was modest compared to some neighboring municipalities.

Motto added one of the City Police cruisers had caught fire but was covered by insurance and would be repaired.

“On (Wednesday), the city will sign a water line replacement contract with Utility Contracting Co.,” said Motto of the city’s extensive project to replace antiquated water lines in the city.

In other matters:

Councilman at large Ron Holmes, also a city school district bus driver, reminded motorists to use caution when school begins in the city Tuesday.

“It’s that time of year again,” said Holmes, reminding motorists to be mindful of children waiting at bus stops. “The red light on the school bus still means ‘stop.'”

It was announced the city pool would close Monday. The pool will be open during the weekend until 7 p.m. Motto also said revenue garnered from pool admission was down this year because of the unusually moderate weather in July.

It was announced the mayor is in negotiation with the union representing City Police for a new labor contract.

It was announced there would be a public hearing on the city’s 2014 budget at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 9 in council chambers.