Paving projects continue throughout Steubenville

STEUBENVILLE – The 2013 city paving project in the city’s West End is nearing completion, with two major street projects still set for this year.

A crew from Shelly & Sands Corp. of Rayland will remain busy this week completing paving work on Scenic and Westwood drives, Cunningham Lane and Fellows Avenue.

According to City Engineer Michael Dolak, the 2013 street paving project is costing the city $340,000.

“These streets were judged to be in need of paving this year. This time we are trying something new by applying Trackless Tac to the roadway before the leveling asphalt course is poured. The liquid material helps the asphalt to adhere better to the road bed,” explained Dolak.

“After the leveling course is poured, Shelly & Sands will be back on these streets applying the final course of asphalt. This project is set for a Sept. 4 completion date,” he added.

Shelly & Sands also is working on the $1,663,619 John Scott Highway paving project.

“We closed Lauretta Drive at John Scott Highway and John Scott Highway to Mall Drive to all traffic. It is a temporary inconvenience so we can replace a culvert and relocate the ditch that runs along the road as well as repave John Scott Highway and expand the intersection at John Scott Highway and Mall Drive,” Dolak said.

He said 16,000 vehicles travel John Scott Highway from Sunset Boulevard to Mall Drive every day.

“And we have about 2,500 vehicles every day from Sinclair Avenue to Mall Drive,” added Dolak.

“This project required extensive design work as well as obtaining a 401 Environmental Protection Agency permit for the ditch relocation,” declared Dolak.

“The project is officially set for a June completion date. But we will be pushing the contractor to complete the culvert work within 25 calendar days. We will also be pushing the contractor to complete the paving work within the next 60 days. We will be asking Shelly and Sands to be very aggressive in getting this job done,” said Dolak.

“We will return to the project in the spring to install new traffic signals and traffic maintenance cameras similar to the traffic lights and cameras elsewhere in the city,” added Dolak.

The project is being funded with a combination of money from the federal government, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Public Works Commission and the city’s 0.7 percent income tax.

Dolak said Shelly & Sands also will be working on the University Boulevard and Brady Avenue.

“That is an $870,000 project. They should start that work in mid-September. They’re scheduled for Nov. 22 completion of the three paving projects in the city this year. I know people have been asking for these street improvements, and we will soon see these major roads repaved and ready for the next several years,” stated Dolak.