Fair of champions

SMITHFIELD – Brandon DeFrank, a Wildwood Critter 4-H Club member, achieved grand champion market steer honors again this year with his 1,349-pound steer during the Jefferson County Fair Junior Livestock Sale held Friday. The buyer was Williams Excavating, a new buyer, who got the top bid of $4.75 per pound.

Another Wildwood Critters 4-H member, Abby Vein, attained the reserve champion market steer honor, with a steer weighing 1,329 pounds. Albert Automotive was the buyer at $2.75 per pound. Albert Teramana has a market steer buyer for many years.

There were only nine market steers for sale, different from past years when there were more than 20 to be sold. The price of raising a steer has cut down on the amount of steers available, it was noted.

Mackenzie Orban, a Free Spirits 4-H member, had the third best market steer, weighing 1,302 pounds and purchased by Harris F&S Trucking at $2.40 per pound.

Others were Sara Vein, Wildwood Critters, Howard Bowers Construction, buyer at $2.20 per pound; Gage Robinson, Wildwood Critters, Curry Drilling, $2.20 per pound; Brendan Powley, 43 Ramblers, Hunter Group/MDN Realty, $2.60 per pound; Gage Robinson, Wildwood Critters, Water Transport, $2.50 per pound; Matthew Randolph, Wildwood Critters, fastest rate of gain with a steer weighing 1,448 pounds, Jefferson Landmark at $2.90 per pound; and Blake Finley, Dusty Boots Livestock, Double M Tree Farm, $2.80 per pound.

Blane Cline, Edison FFA, had two beef feeder calves. Don Moore Excavating was the buyer of the 468-pound calf at $4 per pound; and Kuester Implement was the buyer of the 455-pound calf at $3 per pound.

Colby Smith, Purple Circle, had the 549-pound grand champion dairy beef feeder calf, with No Short Cut Lawn Care as the buyer at $2.50 per pound. Rebecca Rector, Windy Ridge 4-H, had the 525-pound reserve champion, with Jefferson Landmark the buyer at $4 per pound.

The category that kept Cary and Brad Cain, Steve and John Birney, Harry Grafton and Wayne Foutz, all auctioneers, busy was the market hogs, with 142 to be sold.

Kelly Tatar, a Wildwood Critters 4-H member, had the grand champion market hog, weighing 280 pounds. Hertz Thrifty Car Rental was the buyer at $7.75 per pound.

Delaney Johnson, Dusty Boots Livestock, was the reserve champion with a 268-pound hog. This is her second year to show, getting grand champion honors in her first year in 2012. Williams Excavation was the buyer at $5.25 per pound. This is a better price than the reserve champion $3.50 per pound of 2012.

Hunter Johnson, a Free Spirits 4-H Club member and 2013 junior fair princess, had the grand champion market lamb weighing 142 pounds and purchased by M&M Hardware at $7.25 per pound.

Hayden Johnson, Dusty Boots Livestock, had the reserve grand champion market lamb, keeping up with his sister, Delaney, in the reserve champion department. Misfit Farms got the bid at $6 per pound.

Madison Moore, Country Classics, raised the grand champion market goat, weighing 81 pounds. Dino Piergallini Farm Equipment was the buyer at $500. Alayna Meadows, Lucky Leaf Livestock, had the reserve champion market goat weighing 91 pounds. Crestview Veterinarian Clinic was the buyer at $200.

Nicolas Molinaro, Country Classics 4-H Club, had the grand champion meat turkey, with Molinaro Collision the buyer at $325. Allison Lamantia, Country Classics, had the reserve champion market turkey, with M&M Hardware the buyer at $275.

The rabbit pen of three fryer grand champions was raised by Jordan Vance, a Ridge Hoppers 4-H Club member, with Buckeye Mechanical the buyer at $250. Megan Hoover, Steubenville Spirits 4-H, had the reserve champion rabbits with M&M Hardware the buyer at $475.

Robert Coppa III, a Lucky Leaf Livestock 4-H member, raised the pen of two meat ducks, with state Rep. Jack Cera, D-Bellaire, the buyer at $225. Sydney Karas, Lucky Leaf Livestock, had the reserve champion ducks, with Pete Olivito the buyer at $150.

Kaylee Moran, Lucky Leaf Livestock Club, had the pen of three meat chickens, with Professional Tire the buyer at $250. Ramsay Core, Country Kids, came up one position from his first try with meat chickens last year. His reserve champions brought $250, with Commissioner Tom Graham the buyer.