4-H animal judging takes place at fair

SMITHFIELD – 4-H and FFA members were busy Thursday in the contest ring showing off the animals they had fed, trained and cared for through the year at the Jefferson County Fair.

There was judging of the junior fair goats, the horse show, junior fair shop crops and specialty projects. and on Wednesday there was the market hog show, with about 160 market hogs to be weighed and entered into the show.

Kally Tatar, a Wildwood Critters member, had the grand champion market hog. Delaney Johnson, a Dusty Boots 4-H Club member, had the reserve champion.

Lightweight, class 1 winners were Andrew Pugh, Buckeye Variety Livestock, first; Austin Yaich, Dusty Boots, second; Miranda Gordon, Sunrise Lads and Lassies, third; Kolby Keyoski, Country Kids, fourth; Jada Langford, fifth.

Lightweight, class 2: Lane Corder, Friends and Neighbors, second; Mikayla Petrisko, Lucky Leaf, third; Ashley Yaich, fourth; Josiah Bender, Silver Streaks, fifth.

Lightweight, class 3: Hunter Huggins, Buckeye Variety, first; Alayna Pugh, Buckeye Variety, second; Jillian Mills, Denim and Dust, third; Paige Reynolds, Bits and Pieces, fourth; and Joel Rutan, Windy Ridge, fifth.

Medium weight, class 4: Kacie Vandebrone, Lucky Leaf, first; Sam Robinson, Dusty Boots, second; Alissa Woodward, Boots and Britches, third; Dustin Huggins, fourth; and Kathryn Whinnery, Windy Ridge, fifth.

Medium weight, class 5: Dustin McAfee, Cross Creek tomahawks, first; Ryan Wood, Steubenville Spirits, second; Sarah Mazzaferro, Lucky Leaf, third; Julianna King, Boots and Britches, fourth; Matthew Randolph, Wildwood Critters, fifth.

Medium weight, class 6: Caroline Williams, Buckeye Variety, first; Evan Coppa, Lucky Leaf, second; Bailey Harris, Wildwood Critters, third; Lane Corder, fourth; Kathryn Whinnery, fifth.

Intermediate weight, class 7: Sarah Mazzaferro, Lucky Leaf, first; Aaron Robinson, Dusty Boots, second; Joey Wood, Steubenville Spirits, third; Julianna King, fourth; Bryan Ramsey, Lucky Leaf, fifth,

Intermediate weight, class 8: Delaney Johnson, first; Harley Ehrman, Free Spirits, second; Taylor Mazzaferro, Lucky Leaf, third; Rebecca Rector, Windy Ridge, fourth; Alayna Pugh, fifth.

Intermediate weight, class 9: Delaney Johnson, first; Madeline Williamson, Buckeye Variety, second; Kaitlyn Whitacker, Free Spirits, third; Aaron Robinson, fourth; Logan Schaffer, fifth.

Heavyweight, class 10: Kally Tatar, Wildwood Critters, first; Dylan Whitacker, Free Spirits, second; Kaillyn Whitacker, Free Spirits, third; Ryan Wood, fourth; and Kally Tatar, fifth.

Heavy weight, class 11: Brennan Scott, Buckeye Variety, first; Cody Hopkins, Sunrise Lads and Lassies, second; Madeline Williamson, third; Joey Wood, fourth; Taylor Mazzaferro, fifth.

Heavy weight, class 12: Cameron Best, Country Kids, first; Molly McCoy, Buckeye Variety, second; Bo Johnson, Buckeye Variety, third; Charli McConnell, 43 Ramblers, fourth and fifth.

Showmanship winners were, junior: Sarah Mazzaferro, first; Hayden Johnson, second; Mikayla Petrisko, third; Ashley Yaich, fourth; and Kacie Vadeborne fifth.

Intermediate: Kaitlyn Whittaker, first; Sam Robinson, second; Joey Wood, third; Aaron Robinson, fourth; and Evan Coppa, fifth.

Senior showmanship: Harley Ehrman, first; Tyler McAfee, second; Paige Reynolds, third; Dustin McAfee, fourth; and Matthew Randolph, fifth. Ehrman received supreme showmanship.

Rose Angelica will perform at the Rozsa Pavilion from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. today. Other events today include a karaoke contest with Mack’s Music at 6 p.m.; a home talent truck and modified tractor pull, 7 p.m., grandstands; and the Great Square Dance, with Dan Kirk as caller, 9 p.m., livestock arena.

The grand parade will be on the fairgrounds main road at 10 a.m. Saturday and a mud bog is set at noon. A car show will be at the north field at noon as well. The junior fair livestock auction begins at noon, with a break at about 5 p.m.

Phil Dirt and the Dozers will be at the grandstand at 8 p.m.

The fair continues through Sunday at the fairgrounds at Friendship Park.