Winners listed in fair livestock projects

CADIZ – Winners were announced in the Harrison County Junior livestock projects.

They are:

Steers: Tanner Bardall, outstanding market exhibit, senior; Stephanie Birney, intermediate; and Emi Jones; junior. Garrit Sproull was show of showman.

Showmanship: Sproull, senior division; Stephanie Birney, intermediate; and Emi Jones, junior.

Rate of gain: Joyce Barr.

Market classes: Alayna Kellar, light weight; Timi Hill, low intermediate; Stephanie Birney, intermediate; Sproull, heavyweight; Dillon Dodds, extra heavyweight.

Dairy: Ethan Bardall, show of showman; Koty Cyrus, grand and reserve champion dairy female all breeds and grand champion senior dairy; Jalyn Jones, reserve champion senior dairy female; Cyrus, grand champion junior dairy female; and Karissa Bardall, reserve champion junior dairy female.

Showmanship: Ethan Bardall, senior; Alexia Dowdle, intermediate; and Emi Jones, junior.

Poultry: Chickens, outstanding market exhibitor, senior, Kaci Carter; intermediate, Zakk Kelley; and junior, Garret Bossell.

Show of showman and senior showmanship, Erin Hartzell; intermediate, Andrea Kaurich; junior, Bossell.

Show of showman and senior division; Billy Fulton; intermediate, Abby Kellar.

Turkeys: Dylan Warner, outstanding market exhibitor, senior, show of showman and senior showmanship; Zack Henry, intermediate; Bryan Balzeski, junior.

Ducks: Outstanding market exhibitor, senior, and show of showmanship; MJ Marchetta; intermediate showmanship, Kellar; junior, Gabrielle Rice.

Beef: Brittani Jones, outstanding market exhibitor, senior; Kelsey Fogle, intermediate; Marcus Henderson, show of showman.

Grand champion beef breeding, Birney; reserve champion beef breeding, Taylor Horn; champion feeder calf steer, Fogle; reserve feeder calf steer, Cheyenne Wood; champion feeder calf steer, Birney; champion feeder calf heifer, Henderson; reserve feeder calf heifer, Allison Dawson; champion dairy beef feeder and reserve dairy beef feeder, Brett Knight.

Showmanship and fitting: Emily Shuss, beef breeding showmanship; Henderson, senior division; Wood, intermediate and senior beef fitting; Fogle, junior beef fitting.

Swine: Zack Jones, outstanding market exhibitor, senior; Dillon Dodds, intermediate and show of showmanship; Seth Ferguson, junior.

Showmanship: Mikayla Dulkoski, senior division; Dodds, intermediate; Murphy White, junior.

Light weight champion, Corey Chrisman; low intermediate, Joelle Jones; intermediate, Emi Jones; high intermediate, Zack Zones; low heavyweight, Seth Ferguson; medium heavyweight, Chelsie Brown; heavyweight, Tristan Arnold; extra heavyweight, Sadie Meredith.

Sheep: Shannon Compher, outstanding market exhibitor, senior; Jalyn Jones, intermediate; Murphy White, junior; Addie Edwards, show of showman; Emma Cline, champion pen of two.

Showmanship: Senior, Compher; intermediate, Edwards; junior, White.

Light weight, Sadie Meredith; low intermediate, Edwards; intermediate, Alexandra Chrisman; high intermediate, Cline; low heavyweight, Jalyn Jones; heavyweight, Compher; and extra heavyweight, Caden Arbaugh.

Rabbits: Austin Marchetta, outstanding market exhibitor; intermediate, Bailey Eberhart; junior, and show of showman, Avery Wallace, junior; Samuel Yourko, breeding show of showman; grand champion breeding, Justice Dunlap; reserve, Cassie Wright.

Market showmanship: Austin Marchetta, senior; Eberhart, intermediate; Yourko, junior.

Breeding showmanship: Billy Fulton, senior; Brandi Ryser, intermediate; and Yourko, junior.

Cat and dog: Abby Keller, grand champion cat; Victoria Morrison, reserve champ cat; Cassie Wright, grand champion dog obedience; Rebecca Hoover, reserve champion dog obedience and champion dog showmanship; and Wright, reserve champion dog showmanship.

Goats: Breeding meat, Dustin Willoughby, champion breeding Boer; Kealy Ghezzi, reserve champion full blood breeding Boer.

Pygmy: Gracie George, show of showman and intermediate; Carlie Tanner, showmanship senior; Tanner, grand champion and reserve market goat.

Nikita Cunningham, outstanding market exhibitor, senior; Zachary Henry, intermediate; Kayla Lucas, junior; Henry, show of showman; Cunningham, senior showmanship; Henry intermediate; Phillip Keller, junior; Shannon Compher, grand champion market goat; Lucas, reserve market goat; Megan Barcroft, light weight champion; Henry, low intermediate; Compher, intermediate; Emilee Yoho, high intermediate; Compher, low heavyweight; Lucas,, heavyweight; and Abbi Kelley, extra heavyweight.

Horses: Danielle Shively, grand champion versatility; Gretta Howes, reserve versatility; Shively, grand champion horsemanship and reserve versatility; Gretta Howes, grand champion contest; Mariah Chura; reserve champion horsemanship; Gretta Howes, grand champion contest; reserve contest, Klark Howes; grand championship, Korine Van Tassel; reserve showmanship, Shively.

Showmanship: Shively, senior; Sadie Meredith, intermediate; Allison Luyster, junior; Dylan Carter, beginner; Bailee Starr, English; Shively, contest; and Nash Miller, draft.

Howels and barrels; Dylan Carter, beginner horsemanship and beginner trail; Miller, draft driving; Shively, English equitation; Starr, English pleasure and hunter hack.

Zack Stubblefield, intermediate horsemanship; Luyster, junior horsemanship; Carter, keyhole; Haley Godman, light horse pleasure; Howes, poles; Shively, reigning and senior horsemanship; Howes, stakes; Shively, trail; and Marina Miller, western pleasure.