Volunteers pick up litter

STEUBENVILLE – Meg Hull had no idea she would be walking down a city alley picking up litter when she arrived in Steubenville this week.

But the 15-year-old from Wilmore, Ky., said Wednesday afternoon she was excited to be part of a YouthWorks group designated for litter cleanup work.

“This is our mission trip for the year. Our church came last year and everyone who went on the trip to Steubenville came back telling everyone how great their trip was. So I signed up for this year’s mission trip,” explained Hull.

Hull is a member of the Generations Community Church in Wilmore.

“It’s going to be hot today. But it is probably this hot back home. And it’s really not that bad,” she said.

“If our church comes back next year I will definitely sign up for the weeklong trip. This is a nice community,” Hull added.

Her brother, Isaiah Hull, agreed with his older sister.

“I wanted to be part of this trip because I enjoy meeting new people and I also like to help people,” 10-year-old Isaiah said.

Isaiah is part of a YouthWorks group that has been assigned to work at a home in Weirton.

“On Monday we did yard work. Tuesday we were scraping the outside of the house, and this morning we started painting. We are picking up litter this afternoon and will be back at the house painting Thursday. This is a pretty nice town,” observed Isaiah.

Nine-year-old Reece Brown of Nicholasville, Ky., is part of a YouthWorks team that has been busy this week scraping and painting a house on Lawson Avenue in Steubenville.

“Reece was appointed foreman of his team,” commented one of the adult volunteers.

YouthWorks Coordinator Rick Anderson said a YouthWorks crew scraped and cleaned a wall near the walkway between Union Cemetery and Harding Middle School.

“There was a lot of graffiti painted on that wall so the crew cleaned and painted over that and have now painted a sign, “City of Murals” on the wall. We hope that will encourage other people to respect that area and keep it clean,” Anderson said.

According to Teresa DiCarlantonio of the Hilltop Community Development Corp., the YouthWorks volunteers spend two afternoons every week picking up litter on Pleasant Heights and LaBelle.

“We are trying to put the message out into the community that we are all responsible for our community. We are targeting certain problem streets on Pleasant Heights today. We have close to 30 volunteers here this afternoon and we will be walking all across Pleasant Heights. We will continue our efforts every week the YouthWorks volunteers are in Steubenville this summer,” stated DiCarlantonio.

“I am very thankful for the YouthWorks volunteers as well as the JB Green Team who supply the gloves and bags for our litter sweep activities,” said DiCarlantonio.