Toronto looks back at Gem City Day

TORONTO – City Council members discussed Gem City Day and the city’s fireworks display held Saturday.

City officials during Monday’s meeting praised all those involved in the activities, including the city’s safety forces, the Focus in Toronto organization and the Toronto Fourth of July Committee.

“The weekend was a great success,” said Mayor John Geddis, adding many from out of town traveled to the Gem City to watch its fireworks display at Toronto High School Stadium. “There was also free swimming at the (city) pool that day and free hot dogs and chips. You couldn’t find a space to move in that pool.

“The fireworks were unbelievable,” Geddis continued. “A lot of hard work went into that. Everybody did a great job. We also were lucky with the weather. The music (for the pre-fireworks program) was great as well, with the Tri-State Community Band and the Original Fantasy’s. There were lots of people from out of town. It was one of the best fireworks (displays) we’ve ever had.”

Dorothy Blaner, 2nd Ward councilman, also expressed her gratitude to the city’s safety forces as well as local Boy Scouts for volunteering their time for the events.

In other business:

Geddis said construction of the building to house Dollar General on North Fourth Street is a few weeks behind schedule, but he expressed confidence the building still will be completed on time.

“They are a few weeks behind schedule, but they do have an aggressive (construction schedule),” said the mayor.

It was announced the Regional Income Tax Authority’s subpoena program would be in the city Sept. 12-13, issuing subpoenas to taxpayers who failed to file a R.I.T.A. income tax return.

It was announced a finance committee meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. July 31, with a service committee meeting to follow. Both meetings will be in council chambers.