Officers place in state games

TORONTO -Three Ohio Valley peace officers placed during the annual Ohio Police and Fire Games held June 9-14 in Oberlin.

Tyler Holland, special agent for NorfolkSouthern Railroad; Wintersville Patrolman Art Fowler and his canine narcotics dog Ali; and Toronto Patrolman Derrick Piatt all earned medals, even though it was the first time competing for two of the officers in their respective categories.

“We went to the Ohio Police and Fire games in Oberlin,” said Holland. “Any event you can think of, they have there.”

Holland said the games were attended by about 100 other individuals in several categories ranging from bench press to motorcross. Piatt said it was his first time competing in power lifting, bench squat and dead lifting.

“There were a lot of guys competing (in lifting),” he said. “I’d say there were about 70. I know we waited a long time to take our turn.

“There are three judges who watch you lift,” continued Piatt, adding judges look at technique and form as well as weight lifted during three attempts for each participant. “You have to get two green lights (from judges) or your lift doesn’t count.”

Piatt said he earned silver medals in squats and power lifting.

“I competed in push-pull,” said Holland, adding that included bench press and dead lift. “I also earned a silver medal.

“The last two years I competed in the games in motorcross and won the gold in 2011 and 2012,” Holland continued. “I did this instead of motorcross this year.”

Piatt and Holland said this was their first year of competition in weightlifting, but they had some assistance from a fellow officer.

“We work out at (Toronto Patrolman) Jack Daniels’ gym,” said Piatt, adding Daniels, a veteran and frequent winner during the games, trained them in the proper techniques.

Fowler competed in the canine competition with Ali, Wintersville’s drug-sniffing canine.

“We got a gold medal in narcotics and a silver in patrol,” said Fowler.

During the 2011 games in Fairborn, Fowler and Ali earned two gold and a bronze medal for Ali’s detective abilities.

All three officers said Martins Ferry Patrolman George Saereve also competed in Oberlin.

“(Saereve’s) trained with us several times,” said Piatt. “He earned three gold medals in weightlifting.”

All three officers expressed surprise they did so well their first time competing.

“We didn’t even expect to place,” said Holland. “We were all surprised.”

“I was surprised how well we did for our first time in weightlifting competition,” said Piatt.

The officers thanked Fraternal Order of Police Lodges 1 and 97 for paying their admission to the games. The three said they would definitely be returning next year.

“Definitely,” said Holland. “Next year’s games are in Cincinnati.”