Harrison County Fair student winners are announced

CADIZ – Winners in classes seven through 12 have been announced for the Harrison County Fair.

Baked goods and confections, 8th department, winner are:

White bread, Marilyn McMillen, first; Juanita Atherton, second.

Whole wheat bread, Atherton, first.

Potato bread and cinnamon rolls, Audrey Rainsberger, first in both.

Dinner rolls, McMillen, first.

Pumpkin chip muffins, Danielle Cunningham, first.

Raisin filled cookies, Atherton, first.

Rolled cutouts and chocolate peanut butter bars, Melodee Hyde, first in both.

No bake cookies and nut brownies, Lynette Dauch, first in both.

Oatmeal with additions, Mary Foster, first.

Jell-O cookies, Hyde, first.

Peanut butter blossoms, Hyde, second.

Peanut butter sheet cake, Jayne Wallace, first.

Cherry pie, peach and blackberry pie, McMillen, first in all three.

Raspberry, pecan pie and custard, Hyde, first, in all three.

Peanut butter fudge, Barb Cunningham, first.

Raspberry cobbler, Hyde, first.

Mix cake, Danielle Cunningham first; Dauch, second.

Made with mix cookies, Hyde.

Men only cakes, Dennis Hirshbach, first.

Fine arts, ninth department, winners are:

Pastels, Katherine Eberhart, first.

Black and white photos, landscape, Samantha Wallace, first.

Color, human subject, Sharon Dalton, first; Robin Dowdle, second.

Landscape, Rainsberger, first; Helena Gladman, second.

Animal, Jayne Wallace, first; Peggy Bardall, second.

Harrison County scene, Bardall, second.

Sports or any action, Bardall, first; Joyce Brown, second.

Agricultural, Rainsberger, first; Bardall, second.

Any other, Bardall, first; Rainsberger, second

Computer generated or enhanced photos, nature, Joyce Brown, first.

10th department, domestic arts, winners are:

Quilting, Laura Gladman, first.

Afghan, Cynthia Merryman, first; Dawn Milleson, second.

Hat, scarf and mittens set, pillow and any other, Dolores Spragg, first.

Scarf, Merryman, first; Spragg, second.

Counted cross stitch, Samantha Wallace, first.

Vest, slacks, shorts and any other, Spragg, first in all four.

Afghan, baby afghan, bed spread and baby set, Dawn Milleson, first in all four.

Samantha Wallace, any other, first.

Hobbies, collections and antiques, 11th department, winners are:

Scrapbooking, Jennifer Smith, first.

Toy or decorative item, Keith Wallace, first.

Button collection, Tenley Telfer, first.

Spoons, Barb Cunningham, first.

Cups or mugs, Telfer, first; Ann McMillan, second.

Stuffed animals and any other, Barb Cunningham, first in both.

Dishes, Telfer, first.

Old clothing, Kristen Willis, first.

High school letter sweater or jacket, Telfer.

Music, movie or sports memorabilia, Dauch, first; Marilyn McMillen, second.

War memorabilia, Spragg, first.

Old photos, Ann Milleson, first

Dolls or toys, Telfer, first.

Old quilt, Dauch, first; Marilyn McMillen, second.

Floriculture, 12th department, winner are:

Wild flowers, Jayne Wallace, first.

Dish garden, Bag Lady, single type flower hanging basket and multiple types basket, Telfer, first in all.

Outdoor planter with single type flower and multiple types, Telfer, first in both.

Chives, dill, Italian parsley and fennel, Spragg, first in all.

Canned goods winners are:

Applesauce, Jayne Wallace, first.

Cherries, fruit juice, peaches, pears, gold cherries, peas, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato juice and whole tomatoes, french cut green beans and venison, Marilyn McMillen.

Green beans, McMillen, first; and Telfer, second.

Blueberry, cherry, grape jelly and blackberry, peach, red raspberry jams and apple butter, Jayne Wallace, first in all.

Strawberry jam, Jayne Wallace, first; and Claire Murral, second.

14-day pickles, Jayne Wallace.

Bread and butter pickles, McMillen, first; and Jayne Wallace, second.

Dill pickles, sweet relish, green tomatoes, salsa and sweet pickles, McMillen first in all.

Hot pepper relish, Telfer, first.

Pickled beets, Rainsberger, first.

Zucchini relish, Jayne Wallace, first; and Rainsberger, second.

Eggs winners are:

White chicken eggs, Murral, first.

Brown chicken eggs, Murral, first; and Lisa Marker, second.

Easter eggs, Austin Fogle, first.