Fetty gets new patrol role

WINTERSVILLE – Lt. Joseph Fetty has only been at the Ohio State Highway Patrol post for three weeks, but he knows he wants to continue the patrol’s presence in Steubenville and work with other agencies in Jefferson and Harrison counties.

Fetty, 41, is a 1990 graduate of Edison High School. He routinely came back to visit family since he joined the patrol in 1991 but he immediately recognized the area changed a lot when he took the job as the patrol’s Steubenville Post commander.

Fetty replaces Lt. Christopher Johnson, who retired.

Fetty began his Patrol career in October 1991 as a cadet dispatcher at the New Philadelphia Post. He began his training as a member of the 124th Academy Class in January 1993. He earned his commission in June of that year and was assigned to the Wooster Post. In 1994, he returned to the New Philadelphia Post. In 2001, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and transferred to the Steubenville Post to serve as an assistant post commander. As a sergeant, he also served at the New Philadelphia Post and in the Office of Personnel, Administrative Investigation Unit.

Fetty said he wants to continue to improve the patrol’s working relationship with law enforcement agencies in the area.

“It takes a team of people. People are concerned about the drug problem and the increase in crime. We want to partner with agencies to see what we can do to help get the crime down,” he said.

The highway patrol in the past several years has become more responsive to the changing criminal climate, Fetty said, adding it has a lot to do with drug trafficking.

“The more police presence we can throw (at Steubenville) the better. I see it as a very positive thing. We will still have a traditional duty as a highway patrol. We are branching out to help wherever we can,” Fetty said.

He said the patrol will evaluate the effectiveness of the patrol’s presence in Steubenville. He added there will be more operations in the city involving numerous patrol cruisers such as the one in early June when there were 10 felony arrests, seven guns were seized and a large amount of illegal drugs and prescription pills were confiscated

The highway patrol has a lot of resources that can help in fighting crime in the area.

Fetty noted there are planes, K9 units and specialty units, such as the group that enforces commercial trucking laws. In fact, Fetty said the patrol will be partnering with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department in the next several weeks for an increased presence to check on trucking and an increase in aggressive driving due to the oil and gas industry.

Fetty resides in the New Philadelphia area with his wife and children.

Also, Trooper Barry L. Thompson Jr. was promoted to the rank of sergeant at the Steubenville Post.

Thompson began his patrol career in February 1997 as a cadet dispatcher at the Canfield Post. He trained as a member of the 131st Academy Class in April 1998 and earned his commission in October of that year being was assigned to the Wooster Post.

In 2002, he returned to the Canfield Post. In 2006, he transferred to the Lisbon Post, where he was selected as post trooper of the year in 2010. In 2012, he transferred to his most recent assignment at the Warren District’s Licensing and Commercial Standards Unit.