City Police patrolman fired

STEUBENVILLE – Greg Moray, a City Police patrolman for the past 19 years, has been fired after an incident in Wintersville on May 31 surrounding an underage drinking party involving Moray’s son.

Acting City Manager Domenick Mucci informed Moray in a letter on Wednesday of his termination for four violations of the rules of conduct for police officers.

A pretermination hearing was held on July 22.

“At that time, I listened to your side of the story concerning the various charges brought against you,” Mucci said in the termination letter. “I have formed the opinion that you have violated each and every count that has been specified in my letter to you dated July 17, 2013. Therefore, please be advised that you are hereby terminated from your position as a Steubenville police officer today (Wednesday).”

According to reports, Wintersville Police were called about an underage drinking party in a field off state Route 43. Police arrived and some of the juveniles ran into the woods, while others stayed there, he said. Some of the juveniles were brought to the police station.

According to a Wintersville police report, Moray arrived at the Wintersville police station and asked if his son was going to be charged. A Wintersville officer said all of the teens who tested positive from a blood-alcohol test would be charged.

According to the report, Moray became angry and said, “I can’t believe your charging my kid.”

Moray then made the statement that you don’t arrest another officer’s kid, according to the Wintersville police report.

Moray then said the Wintersville officers just started a war.

“OK, I see. I will remember when you (and another officer) drive through Steubenville. I will remember,” according to the Wintersville report.

There were allegations that Moray was at the underage drinking party earlier that night. Moray didn’t actually confirm to the Wintersville officer that he was at the party earlier that night.

Mucci, in his termination letter to Moray, said Moray’s charges included:

– Being aware of and attending a party hosted by his son on family owned land where alcohol was being served to juveniles. A charge of conduct unbecoming an officer.

– Charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and misuse of official position by Moray’s actions and conduct at the Wintersville Police Department in the early morning hours of May 31.

– A charge of insubordination for contacting a Wintersville officer on June 8 after Moray had been given a written order not to have contact with any of the witnesses in the matter.

– A charge of violating laws and ordinances by attending the underage drinking party.

Moray now can appeal the firing.

City Police Chief William McCafferty had no comment today on the termination of Moray.

Moray was suspended as an officer in September 2009 after an incident at a Steubenville High School football game at Massillon High School. Moray and another man were charged with disorderly conduct but the charges eventually were dismissed in Massillon Municipal Court.

No telephone number for Moray was available. Jim Marquis, a representative of the Fraternal Order of Police, said he had no comment on the matter when contacted this morning.