Cable restoration work under way

BERGHOLZ – The general manager for Crystal Broadband Networks said Tuesday his company is working to restore television and telephone service to customers in the Bergholz and Amsterdam area after vandals destroyed equipment and stole power cords Sunday at a company building on Springfield Township Road 263.

“I am very sorry this has happened because the vandalism has affected our company, but more important it has affected our customers. We have restored some of the local television channels as well as some cable companies and we hope to have complete service restored within the next two to three days,” said General Manager Ron Page.

Page said the problems initially started when severe storms rolled through the Jefferson County area Friday evening.

“The power company had to work to restore power to the area but getting to our building required clearing trees from the roadway. By the time the power company got to our building they found the door had been kicked open. Someone had cut the power cords to the modulators, broke our air conditioner units and cut off power lines,” reported Page.

“We immediately contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. They were able to recover some evidence and are investigating the incident. We hope they find who is responsible for this and we can prosecute them,” noted Page.

“We want our customers to know we are working hard to restore full service as soon as possible, and we will take steps to ensure this does not happen again,” said Page.