Unofficial Brooke election totals posted

The following are unofficial totals for election races in Follansbee, Wellsburg, Bethany and Windsor Heights. The totals will remain unofficial until ballots are canvassed in their respective municipalities. Stories on the elections will be posted soon.


Mayor: incumbent David Velegol Jr., 289; challenger Ben Arthurs, 97.

Police chief: incumbent John Schwertfeger, 287; challenger Paul Arthurs, 112.

1st Ward Council: Vito Skip Cutrone, 52; Tom McMillan, 10. (Incumbent Jim Miller didnt seek re-election.)

2nd Ward Council: Dave Secrist, 66; Helen Honey Hedmond, 31. (Incumbent Tom DiBattista didnt seek re-election.)


Police chief: incumbent Stanley Kins, 324; challenger Rudy Sovinski, 161.

1st Ward Council: incumbent Bruce Hunter, 65; challenger David Holden, 21.

2nd Ward Council: challenger Brian Tennant, 96; incumbent Ron Michaux, 52.

4th Ward Council: Charlie Harris, 37; Janet Knox, 29; Mark Williams, 18; and Virginia McAfee, 6. (Incumbent Jeff Tarr didnt seek re-election.


Council (5 at large seats): Thom Furbee, 66; Helen Moren, 65; Pat Sutherland, 64; Ted Pauls, 60; Gray Williamson, 48; Linda Chivers, 44; and Kerry Shaulis, 26.

Windsor Heights

Mayor: challenger James Smith, 92; challenger Stacy Hornick, 63; and incumbent Bill Liposchak, 10.

Council (5 at large seats): incumbent Herbert Hupp, 102; incumbent Tuson Johnston, 101; challenger Grace Davis, 91; incumbent Karen Clyne, 80; and challenger Larry Boynes, 80; Judith Bartz, 74; Chuck Miller, 72; John Kokosinski Jr., 59; and Brian Pollock, 16.