Stars and Stripes a matter of belief in Steubenville for Teramana

STEUBENVILLE – Dominic Teramana is passionate about his hometown.

His community pride is evident when he talks about the city, its past and its future and why he decided to be the title sponsor for the 2013 Stars and Stripes Concert and Festival set for June 30.

“I did give it some thought this year when I was approached about being the title sponsor. It has been an expensive year because we have done some major re-tooling to keep the Hollywood City Center occupied. But I thought about the sponsorship and I felt we had to continue to be part of this great event. And, we will continue to support the Stars and Stripes Concert and Festival as long as the community supports the event,” Teramana related.

“I remember when Sue Hershey (president of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce) and Alex Marshall (publisher of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times) first approached me three years ago about the first Stars and Stripes Concert and Festival. I said then I hoped the people of the community realized what a great opportunity they had for great entertainment and fun,” continued Teramana.

“I have personally witnessed the economic struggles this city has gone through in recent years and, especially, the problems during the past year. The national news coverage of our city has been mind boggling. I was born and raised in this city. I went to Catholic Central High School and have been a Catholic Central and a Steubenville Big Red fan for years. And it is no secret that Reno Saccoccia and I have been friends for a long time. I consider him a hero for helping kids put some meaning into their lives. He has given so many kids hope for their future,” stated Teramana.

The Teramana hometown pride stems from the immediate past Teramana generation, members of which were orphaned at an early age.

“My father, uncle and aunt spent their younger years in an orphanage in Columbus. But they had an uncle living in Steubenville and he brought the boys and my Aunt Mary to live with him in Steubenville where they lived in a duplex on South Sixth Street,” said Teramana.

“According to a family story, my Uncle Tony won an old abandoned coal mine on Sinclair Avenue during a poker game. The boys would mine coal along Sinclair Avenue after school and on the weekends and sell the coal to people living in the South End. They became moderately successful selling coal to Kaul Clay in Toronto in the 1930s and then started selling coal to the power plants in Stratton and Toronto. They diversified into real estate in the 1960s,” Teramana said.

“When I graduated from college I had to make a choice about moving or returning home. I came back home and started running our real estate ventures,” he said.

“Our fathers got their start in Steubenville and we love it here. We couldn’t be prouder to be involved in this special day celebrating our country’s birthday. And moving the fireworks show to the hillside above the Hollywood City Center is providing people across the city with a great view of the display. Fireworks have always been a key part of America’s celebration. I had had an idea about doing something like this for a couple of years, so there was no hesitation on our part to get involved,” remarked Teramana.

“The Hollywood City Center along with the Harding Practice Field and Harding Stadium will be an excellent venue for the Stars and Stripes Concert and Festival and a great way to kick off the Fourth of July holiday week. I hope we see visitors from throughout the Ohio Valley, and I especially hope the citizens of Steubenville come to the festival and concert to rally around the city. This community has always had a lot of pride and we need to restore that pride again,” stated Teramana.

“I grew up at a time when the downtown was the vibrant part of the city. Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday I would catch a bus to go downtown and see a movie. My grandfather lived on Lake Erie Boulevard where Historic Fort Steuben is now. But times have changed in Steubenville just like almost every other city in this country,” recalled Teramana.

“My uncles were asked to build a Kroger store in this plaza and they initially faced opposition. But the store was built and the plaza has grown into the Hollywood City Center. Today, we have 25 to 30 retailers and they are all doing very well. We are very proud of our city center. It is a very safe shopping area and a convenient place to shop. We are in the mid-town part of Steubenville. And I truly believe the next 10 to 20 years will see the gas and oil industry really grow in our community. And that should bring some of our younger people back home,” remarked Teramana.

“I am hoping to see some of our young people back home for the stars and stripes event. Sue Hershey and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce have done an outstanding job putting this event together. We will have three very good groups entertaining in the stadium. To have people of that caliber on a stage in Harding Stadium is amazing. And after the show, people can sit back and enjoy the fireworks show on the hillside above the Hollywood City Center. There will be plenty of parking available in our parking lot,” said Teramana.

“I encourage everyone in the area to come out and enjoy themselves. Enjoy the company of friends and neighbors and a great day in Steubenville. I hope people come out and rally around our community. The Stars and Stripes Concert and Festival is for and about Steubenville and Jefferson County. I have always been proud of Steu-benville and this year is no different. I am proud of every aspect of our town,” continued Teramana.

“This is not about the great sports teams from Catholic Central and Big Red. This is about the character of our town. Sixth Ward Councilman David Lalich said it best when he started giving T-shirts to graduating seniors from Central and Big Red. The T-shirt says, ‘Steubenville – where you always have a home.’ This is my hometown and this is where we always have a home,” declared Teramana.

The Stars and Stripes Concert and Festival opening ceremonies will start at noon at the Family Fun Zone at the Harding Practice Field. A beer corral will be located in the Kroger parking lot, where local musician and songwriter Rose Angelica will be performing.

The attention will shift to Harding Stadium at 5:30 p.m. when local favorites the Joseph Sisters take the stage. The Todd Jones Band will perform at 6:45 p.m. with headliner Phil Vassar taking the stage at 8:30 p.m. The fireworks will follow Vassar’s performance at approximately 10 p.m.

Tickets for the Stars and Stripes Concert are on sale at Kwik King stores in Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Follansbee and Weirton. Tickets also are available at Peoples National Bank branches in Adena, Dillonvale and Mount Pleasant; the customer service center at the Fort Steuben Mall; the visitors center at Historic Fort Steuben; at the chamber office at 630 Market St., Steubenville; or online at

General admission tickets are $15 and reserved seat tickets are $20 if purchased in advance. On the day of the concert, general admission tickets will cost $20 and reserved seat tickets will be $25. Hershey added that the show will be presented rain or shine.